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Hi, i'm trying to understand the whole way a VPN works and make it fit a solution I am trying to implement.
I have a DSL Router that can act as a VPN server with a fixed IP for the internet and a fixed IP for the LAN side ( The Lan connection is then plugged into a Linux box with 2 network cards. One of the network cards has an address on whilst the other has an address of which in turn is plugged into our switched network running on the same range. If I activate the VPN - when a client connects to it - what IP address would I use for the setup, as the VPN configs ask for the 'internal network'. I want my external user to be able to see a server or resources on the range. Would it translate through or does it not work like this?

Many thanks for your time and help.
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This is routing issue. http://www.chicagotech.net has an article regarding the ISA routing, but it is the same issue.

Configure Routing to another subnet in ISA for VPN client
Symptom: you create VPN in ISA server and the VPN clients use different IP range from the LAN. For example, the LAN IPs are 10.X.X.X and the VPN client IPs are 192.168.1.X.

Resolution: you need to add routing table entries  pointing to the internal interface of the ISA server for the off subnet network ID. You can add these manually, or use a routing protocol such as RIP or OSPF.
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