DirectX 7 or 9 ?

Posted on 2004-09-06
Last Modified: 2013-12-08
Hey guys,

I have worked on an application that creates the overlays for a TV Channel including the layout design, the logo of the TV Channel, news bar, etc...that was done using DirectDraw 7 surfaces, it was fairly easy...but now I want to do something in 3D, and add 3D items to the TV layout and probably need to support digital overlays (playing a digital movie inside a DirectX application  with the layout on top instead of gettin the movie from an RGB component) and I'm using a database connection SQL to generate the data that needs to be displayed on I prefer sticking to VB

What do you guys suggest ? I know DirectX 8/9 doesn't support DirectDraw anymore since it's integrated into its Direct3D interface...but is it much more complicated to appy this ? and what is the best language to do so ? VB .NET ? C# ?

Any comment, opinion is welcomed...
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The directx 9.0 is certainly the need of time. I suppose you understand the phrase 'need of time' . There are rare systems left which use directx7,
On the other hand directDraw has been integerated into D3D with the release of directX8.0 which was a major change. Also there is significant change from directx 8.0 to 9.0 ,

One more reason of using the version 9.0 is that it has very handy directShow COM interfaces , which you can use to simulate almost any movie format. (Hint: try opening a movie in GraphEdit which comes with directx9 SDK).

One more reason: when you will complete develop your application then probabely there will be version 10 in the market and then it will be a rediculous to even talk about directx7 at that time.

So there is no reason to be sticked with older and nearly obsolete tech.


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Also about your question:

>>What do you guys suggest ? I know DirectX 8/9 doesn't support DirectDraw anymore
>> since it's integrated into its Direct3D interface...but is it much more complicated to
>> appy this ? and what is the best language to do so ? VB .NET ? C# ?

You should use C# because of its interoperability with much more power thatn
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Yes, you want to move to DX9.  The moment you want anything slick/3D, or using 3D shaders for visual effects, etc., you want to be using D3D9 -- no question about it.

Additionally, the DX9 video interfaces have been updated and are much more powerful from what I've seen (haven't worked directly with them, just poking around the video renderer stuff).

I'm partial to C++ myself.  C# isn't much different, easier if you aren't a heavyweight programmer type like me. ;)  The new VB .NET certainly affords a lot of power, and if you KNOW VB, and don't know any C-type language, going with VB shouldn't really hamper you at this point.


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Thanx guys, one more thing, do you recommend any book for DX9? something you know it's really good :)
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There was already a Q on this that I answered before.  I just looked up on Amazon for intro books on DX9, found one or two with good comments across the board, and looked through some of the pages to make sure the writing style was good.  That's the best thing to do.


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