Will the following print in a magazine as black or grayscale plus one color?

1.  Create an advertisement with pictures and type in grayscale.

2.  Change the Grayscale mode to CMYK.

3.  Put a new blank Grayscale sheet on the screen, change to Duotone and then to          

4.  Create a rectangle in 100% Pantone process yellow on the new sheet.

5.  Move the yellow rectangle on top of some type in the advertisement and send it
     backward so the type sits on top of the yellow.  I can then bevel or emboss the yellow

6.  Will this print as a black plus one color?  I sent a CD (PDF) to Progressive Farmer and
     they said it was O.K.  Another printer said he would get 4 negatives.  Is Progressive
     Farmer magazine able to do something that makes it print as black or grayscale plus
     one color?
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It changes to 90% black because if you print 100% black the press will put down too much ink, and bleed/smear before it dries. So photoshop uses black point compensation and drops it to 90% to protect you.
It's so hard to follow all that. Post an example somewhere that us visual types can get a look at.
cowlifeAuthor Commented:
I will try to send a copy of the ad.  May I please have your e-mail address.  Thanks, cowlife
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We dont use email here. Youll need to find a web server you can put it on, then post the link to it here.
cowlifeAuthor Commented:
Please go to website www.animalcarehospital.com and click on the link at the lower right
that says cowlife.  The ad will pop up.  The grayscale doesn't look too great but at least you can get an idea about the yellow rectangles.  Thanks!  cowlife
Yes, as long as that black is REAL black and not composite CMYK and the same for the yellow, it will print as a 1 color + black job. If youre in Duotone mode, you're already there.
cowlifeAuthor Commented:
Dear Weed,

When the advertisement is in PSD or PDF it is 100% black.  When I flatten the entire image the black changes to only 90%. Is this still REAL black and will it still print as black plus one color.  Thanks again for your help.

Best thing to do in this situation is go and talk to the printer who'll be printing it. Take your disk down and show them and see what they suggest. All Graphic Designers I know always have good communication with their printers.
With your grayscale document, create a new channel in the channels palette, and then apply your color in that channel.

then save the file out as a TIFF.
Perhaps one printer can only do one color or CMYK and the other is able to do "spot color" like a yellow rectangle with black text.
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