Folder sync. for web servers

I'm looking to add a few layers of redundancy on my web servers - all are Win2k3 standard ed. I have a NLB applicance in place but would like to know what a typical setup is for mirroring the data accross 3 servers? Basically, if one server was to go offline the others would step up and would have to have identical data. Then when the other came back online the 'backups' would replicate the data back to the server that went offine.
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karel_jespersConnect With a Mentor Commented:

i am using dfs that works together with iis
for iis there is only one root
dfs will select the most close and working server to let the user connect to
replication is also a feature of dgs

HOW TO: Configure Microsoft DFS as the Filing System for IIS <=see is for windows 2000 but you can use this info

It is possible to replicate data to one or more servers within the DFS structure. This way, if one server is down, files will be automatically served from other replicated locations. What’s more, users will not even know the difference.

af500Author Commented:
Ah, great thanks.

At first it will only be in a 2 server setup.. for about 4-6 months. During that time, one server will take 75% of the load, while the other will take whatever is left. Now, if server 1 (75%) goes offline for whatever reason and server 2 (25%) takes over will DFS merge the data back to server 1 when it becomes available again?
dfs will handle this:
the old data will no be used and replicated
the master we setup is just for the initial replication, once this is done they replicate in both directions

When data is being replicated, FRS always chooses the last-saved version of a file. If a group share is provided through a replicated DFS link and two employees are working on the same file, each on different replica targets, the last user who closes and saves the file will have his change(s) saved and replicated over the changes of other previous saved edits.

Can MSCS failover Microsoft Distributed File System (Dfs) directories?

The version of Dfs in Windows 2000 Server will provide directory replication for fault tolerance. When used on the Enterprise Edition of Windows 2000 Server, Dfs will also work with MSCS failover for fast recovery from server crashes.

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of course you must use a domain based dfs (not standalone)
to avoid having one single point of failure
af500Author Commented:
Could you give me an example of a 2-server setup?? Is that posted on MSDN or Technet somewhere? :) Must be I guess. I'll poke around too.

Does server one use a normal drive letter, and server 2 so a mapped drive?


you need  to use the unc names
 in the dfs configuration for the roots and links configuartion

for more info you can make a search for "dfs" into your windows 2003 help and support

af500Author Commented:
hey. sorry for the delay in response.

I have it setup and it looks like it is working pretty well...

1 more question... does the IIS home dir have to be the UNC path of the DFS share, or just g:\dfs\website since that folder would exist on all of the server is question.
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