Getting send html form event and data sent in JTextPane

I already know how to catch clicks on url's that are displayed in JTextPane with addHyperlinkListener(something) but now, I would like to treat forms also (standard html forms) but I can't find any way to do it.

How can I know user clicked "send" button? I can't find any event listener for this in JTextPane, also  How can I get all the data user wants to send?

I've seen javax.swing.text.html.FormView _absolutely_ no idea how to use this one + i'm not sure if it's really what I need because I need to display more data than just forms.

thank you for answers!
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armoghanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please see the attached link

That is how I once attached the action listeners to the HTML components on a web Page, e.g. Button,
i think it (FormView) handles posting the form for you.
nuocnamAuthor Commented:
actually, i don't want to post it to net, but i want to parse it in my java program

if you think i should use FormView, could you please explain me how to pass the form in html format to it (it asks for "Element" type)
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> if you think i should use FormView

I'd say its already being used.
> could you please explain me how to pass the form in html format to it (it asks for "Element" type)

Thats the job of the HTMLEditorKit I think. And as I said above is already being done (otherwise how would your form currently be displayed).
You may need to replace that implementation with one of your own
On clicking the submit button, you can get the document of FormView and find out the values on each child nodes
nuocnamAuthor Commented:
that was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your help!
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