Half-Life video setup does not have 1280x1024 resolution.


My new LCD panel (using digital connection) has a native resolution of 1280x1024.
But Half-Life's video set-up selection does not include this resolution.
The ingame image looks pretty bad at any of the available selections.
Any idea on how to correct this?

Also, is it best to run games at the same resolution as the LCD panel's native res for best results?

Thanks, Marc
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Wojciech DudaCommented:
Yeah, you should play in the native resolution to get best results.

Try both D3D and OpenGL modes and look for avaiable resolutions.
MJBAuthor Commented:

Tried the D3D & OpenGL options already. No 1280x1024 available.

Wojciech DudaCommented:
What is your video card manufacturer/model?
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MJBAuthor Commented:

WinFast Titanium200 GeForce3 Ti200 TDH 128mb AGP4 video card
update driver. i think, you only need to update the driver.
MJBAuthor Commented:
Update driver????

I did that way before I posted this question.



is 1280x1024resolution there?

most monitor supports 1280x1024 only at refresh rate at 60hz

to change refresh rates
go to
change refesh rate to 60hz.

>is it best to run games at the same resolution as the LCD panel's native res for best results?

no, in general, LCD panels has lower pixel response time(about 20 miliseconds on average i think).
LCD are not fast enough for games. LCD gives your sharper image but not fast refresh rates.

more info..
E-E similar thread
what is your LCD by the way?
MJBAuthor Commented:

Samsung SyncMaster 172x
17" Diagonal
a-si TFT active matrix SXGA
Optimum resolution 1280x1024@60HZ
Response time: 12 ms

I find that this response time is fast enough for my FPS games (Halo, Unreal2.....)
I do have the adapter set at 60hz.

Thanks,  Marc
what is your Directx version?

the old half life version i think does not support anything above 1024 resolution.
try updating your halflife. it can support up to 1600 resolution
you might get better response if you post at
sierra's halflife forum

halflife site
MJBAuthor Commented:

Directx version is 9.0c (most current)
I have the most current version of Half-Life (

(you might get better response if you post at
sierra's halflife forum.)

I have, they said install "Steam". This is a online multi-player anti cheat program and I only play Single-Player. It would double the HL directory on my HDD and mirror all the HL games and SP mods I have installed (>100 mods=5gb) I need a simpler solution for my SP games only.

Thanks,  Marc B.

>I have the most current version of Half-Life (
i will check later. i will install my halflife and see what my max resolution is.

i verify if indeed 1024 is the max resolution.

you dont need to install steam i think.
you only need the most current updated version of halflife
hello again..

try this if this works, i have not tried this yet.

this configurator can change the Halflife resolution before launch.
see the picture on the upper left side. it can change resolution up to 1600x1200


but i dont see 1280x1024 only 1280x960 probably the reason why it doesnt show 1280x1024?? hmmm...
give it a try.
MJBAuthor Commented:

Yes, I show the resolutions you mention. But no 1280x1024??? Which is the native resolution of my LCD panel.
you are not alone.
i guess there is no support for 1280x1024.


anyways, i found that you can set the halflife's width resolution from command line,
im not sure if there is -h for the height

rightclick->properties the Halflife shortcut.
on the target add -w ####

so sumthing like "c:\..your halflife directory\HL.exe -console -w 1280"
im not sure if there is -h
you could try if this works

"c:\..your halflife directory\HL.exe -console -w 1280 -h 1024"

its on parameters section
[7.2.3]: Parameters
How to use these parameters are easy. To do this, for example: Start Menu-> Run.
Type in: C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -<command>
Example: C:\Sierra\Half-Life\hl.exe -noip

-w <#>
This sets the video mode display width. Where <#> is the width in pixels of
desired video mode display.

the "-h" is on Halflife2 but not sure about halflife.
MJBAuthor Commented:

The width is already 1280 (1280x960). I need the height to be 1024.
I tried both these command lines with no success. The resolution did not change.

hl.exe -console -width 1280 -height 1024
hl.exe -console -w 1280 -h 1024

I use the first command line with my Quake1 game, and it's old as hell !!

Thanks, Marc B.
last. i found this forum, i dont even understand what he meant. but from the suggestion he gave, he added some resolutions on the registry.

i give up.

Half-Life video setup does not have 1280x1024 resolution!!!

i tried it last night, still i dont have 1280x1024 resolution.

PIV 2.8ghz
gForce 5700xt 256mb
17" flat samsung syncmaster

still no 1280x1024 resolution.

there is no 1280x1024 resolution, only 1280x960 resolution is supported
MJBAuthor Commented:

Well, sounds like 1280x1024 resolution is not possible.
What do I do now? Split points with everyone or close question?
How is this situation handled?

Thanks,  Marc B.
Question answered by asker or dialog valuable.
Closed, 250 points refunded.
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