How can we lock control pannel.........

How can we lock control pannel is there any software for it.
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texasjpmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Start > Run > 

Type mmc

Click Console > Add/Remove Snap-in

Click Add

Select group policy

Click finish

Click Close

Click OK

Under the console root expand User Configuration

Then expand Administrator Templates

Click on control panel

On the right click on Disable Control Panel and select properties

Select enable
Hi fahimabid,
It really is dependent upon your situation.
What operating system?
Are you using FAT/32 or NTFS?
For most of the new Windows OS's - and using NTFS, you can eliminate access by locating the control.exe file (in %systemroot%(usually winnt or windows)\system32) and right-click it, choose properties and explicitly deny access to the accounts you want to prevent using it.
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Hi fahimabid

To add to sirbounty's answer, there's some function called policy editor or sth like group policy function..

Here hide whatever you need to manually, read up on this... for hiding particulars applets inside control panle
and to hide the control panel itself


I use a tool without the need to edit anything by hand. It can make more then only hide the control panel.

take a look at

its worth a try :^)

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