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Need a reliable, fast web hoster (not to expensive) for asp.net and sql server


I'm looking for a good and reliable web hoster for my site, if possible somewhere in Europe, because my members are all from there. Also not to expensive and if possible sponsored/free. I just do this to educate myself a bit more in .NET development and my site is free.

I need the following features:

- ftp to upload files to the site, to update the code, pictures,...
- possible to change the global.asax, web.config
- possible to send (unlimited) email from aspx code. My site has to send emails to users when they sign in, change a password, change there email, or when users send emails to other users that have accepted to receive emails. So no spam or whatsoever. And the mailserver also has to be very reliable.
- possible that an anonymous user can upload via .aspx (with my .NET code) a file to a directory on the web server.

- webspace 50MB or more
- bandwith 2 gig or more for starters (I prefer a bit more)
- MS sql 2000
- sql server space 50 MB or more
- possible to direct connect to Sql server with Sql Enterprise Manager via the internet
- Backup of sql database

- 99.9% uptime or more.
- Fast server preferable XEON servers
- Fast server response (I'm in Europe), a lot of web hosters I see need a few seconds to load. A visitor will be gone when they have to wait so long.
- Daily backups
- fast response to questions via email
- possible to see how much bandwidth has been used

Can someone point me in a good direction or mayby when a web hoster reads this help me get a decent plan?

I can also include a link to a web hoster if he/she gives me a reduced price/free contract.

Thanks in advance
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1 Solution
It's hard to combine cheap/free with MS SQL, because MS SQL hosting tends to be a bit costly.  You can get ASP.NET hosting starting at $10/mo from www.discountasp.net (250MB space, 8GB bandwidth), but adding MS SQL 2000 hosting (w. 50MB disk space) adds another $10/mo.  Even better - Brinkster (www.brinkster.com) is a good host that offers a developer package (2000MB space, 'unlimited' traffic) with MS SQL (50MB) for $17.95.

However, neither of these are in Europe.  I have no direct experience with them, but two hosts in the UK that offer ASP.NET hosting are www.web-hosting.uk.com (hosting plans from £19/yr, MS SQL an add-on option) and www.hostinguk.net, but their plans with MS SQL begin at £199.99/yr.

I hope this helps.

You might like to look at, www.easyasphosting.com I have been with them for a while now and have found thier customer service to be excellent, and thier reliability is as far as I have noticed 100% I am not sure how well they handle MS sql databases but they do support them, all thier packages support ASP.net prices start from $75 for 250Mb space and 5Gb bandwidth.

you might also want to look into

www.Ipowerweb.com quite exspencive but an all inclusive package

vvnAuthor Commented:
I already found discoutnasp.net and you have to add sql server and it will be around 20$ and for starters that is a not so good price.

Also www.hostinguk.net, is for now a bit expensive.

Brinkster seems ok but the price is almost 20$ for one month and not much sql server space (I prefer to pay every month). And I don't need so much webspace at he moment. I talked to them via live chat and they are not an inch flexible. I couldn't get a very small plan with an Sql server.

I will check out web-hosting.uk also www.easyasphosting.com

I looked high and low and found a lot in the last few weeks. Does anyone know something about the following hosters:

www.bananahosting.com (it's small it's cheap)
www.1planhost.com (what I read very reliable, 100% uptime)
www.reyox.net (also very fast in responding to emails)
jodohost.com (very fast in answering questions)
http://www.pipeten.com (this is from the uk)
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Honesly, I don't know much about most of those, with the exception of Interland, which I've heard good things about, but have never used myself.  As for David's suggestion of ipowerweb.com, I've heard comments from a few people who have had bad experiences with them.  Perhaps David's experience was better.

I understand your concerns about price, but MS SQL hosting can be expensive (as noted above).  The price is pretty good for what you're getting and Brinkster is probably the most reputable and established name listed in this thread.
well I just contacted  ipowerweb.com to check them out when I was looking for webhosting a few months back they seemed ok, and thier support was ok, but yes I have also heard bad things about them, though I have not actualy "sampled" thier service, you must wonder if they can meet all their many promises

sorry I have no experiance of any of those on your list

you might like to add these to it though


one thing to watch with webhosting is which country the tech support is in, I contacted over 100 a few months back looking for a host and I had quite a few replys from call centres from the far east, some knew what they were doing but some did not! I really would advice that you send any potential host some quite technical questions to make sure they know what they are doing, if not leave them well alone ;)

Good advice from David.  It seems with hosting that you never know exactly what you're getting until you try it out.  That's why I put a lot of emphasis on first-hand word-of-mouth from people who use a particular host.
vvnAuthor Commented:
Yes that's what I need. first hand advice from people who are using a hoster at this moment.

I looked up more info and I found also not so good reviews about http://www.webhost4life.com

www.bananahosting.com is only 24$ for 1 year and my emails were very quickly replied and it seems that they know what they are doing. But what I read in the mails is that they are resellers. But they have a trail periode and it's not a lot of money.

 I will be looking a bit further at some hosters

increase the points a bit for some real life info

I recommend Jodohost ( http://www.jodohost.com ), they are well respected and have the professional stance of supplying SQL Server with ALL their accounts. I use one of their reseller accounts and have found them to be very competant, customer friendly and they take into account feedback and requests - they also have H-Sphere control panel which I find useful. Gearhost ( http://www.gearhost.com ) is a similiar company, but I beleive Jodohost is on a par with them if not better. Finally CrystalTech ( http://www.crystaltech.com ) is a host I would recommend over Brinkster - not having used them myself, but they are in the Microsoft ASP.NET featured hosters database and I know of many satisfied customers who swear by their higher priced plans for 'mission critical' stuff - they do not offer SQL on their cheaper plans however.
I also forgot to mention myhosting ( http://www.myhosting.com ), who are consistantly one Netcraft's highest uptime hosts. They are fairly expensive, but known to be the most reliable hosts for .NET ("Netcraft reports myhosting.com to be the world's 6th most reliable hosting provider for the month of May, 2004."). Their main plans are quite espensive but they have a promo for .NET Developers for $9.95 / month at about half the specs you require. Promo details here: http://myhosting.com/DOTNETPROMO/

i would recommend http://www.cube-media.com

cheapest .net hosting i have found and without a doubt the most reliable i used to use www.hostinguk.net before these, but cube-media beat them on price and on support.
vvnAuthor Commented:
I was first doing a trial with themooseisloose.

The people are very friendly but there are some problems at this moment.
The server wasn't configured correctly so they have to install another server.
All current users (paying) are getting a month for free.
But that didn't help me because I was just testing and I don't want to wait.

Then I signed on with jodohost for a trail. The interface looks good, I installed everything, including
database, email and so on in just a few hours. The people are very helpfull and the price is ok.
The response is not so fast as with webmatrixhosting.net (looking at the time the are in Moscow,
and I saw parking.ru somewhere). With webmatrixhosting for an easy page, I clicked and it just
stood there without interuption.

But I have a problem at this time with sessions at jodohost. Sometimes within 1 minute my session times out.
On my free server at webmatrixhosting.net  I didn't have this problem.
So I have to check out this evening what the problem is. If I can fix (or let them fix it)  I probably stay with jodohost.

I looked at cube-media and they seem fast but they ask 10pound for something with Sql server.
With an Sql server that price is 2 to 3 times higher than jodohost, dotnetpark,...

Why don't you people from cube-media offer a plan with sql server in the smaller plans!!!!

SQL server hosting is always more expensive.

these seem cheap for dedicated - can't say if they are any good or not
e3servers.com have a cheap starter reseller program [19.95/mo] which gives you a lot including multiple domains.

Support is good and usuall quick. Email ticket based.

Uptime is ok.
www.bnbwebservices.com $20 a month, with MDaemon mail server, and SQL
vvnAuthor Commented:

I checked out jodohost and I even paid for a month for the smallest plan, but 3 days in a row the webserver just goes offline, yesterday also jodohost went down. this gives me a very bad impression of jodohost. The features are ok but the uptime is less.

It were not schedulede outages so that's bad. My visistors got a dns error.

Aren't there hosters how give a descent maintenance screen or something like that when it goes wrong????

I still think your best choice would be Brinkster . . .

<< Brinkster (www.brinkster.com) is a good host that offers a developer package (2000MB space, 'unlimited' traffic) with MS SQL (50MB) for $17.95. >>

. . . they're very reliable and support is good.
vvnAuthor Commented:
I signed up with jodohost and all works perfect, as I said the performance is reasonable and I can configure everything with ease. Uptime is also good with some occasional downtime. I have my site monitored so I get an email when the site is down

I also looked at cube-media.com and because they are fast I'm willing to try them for a friend of mine.
If all works perfect and faster then jodohost and they give me a good price for a lot of bandwith and an Sql server I will also use them for my site.

Thanks all
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