Win 2000:boot failure--HELP!

Came into the office this morning after a long weekend, one of my user's pc wont boot iran the "repair, console" option from system CD,then ran FIXMBR and FIXBOOT, but no luck. everything was working fine before the weekend, and nobody messed with it during the weekend, but its sure dead this morning! I also ran maxtor's diag program it says the disk is "failing" with error "ca97956c". Can i take an "image" of another pc's drive and put it over the top of this one? (I dont have the software  to do this, just an idea)
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jdeclueConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry for the question in advance, but, if the Maxtor Diagnostics is telling you that the drive is failing, Why are you attempting to do anything with it? If you need to get any data off of the drive, then doing anything outside of putting it in another machine and trying to copy is going to make it worse.

Additionally, replacing the drive is priority 1 and then getting an OS installed is priority 2. Are you trying to save this hard disk?

Bummer way to come back form a long weekend...

I hope these question dont make you mad but I need to know a bit more...

OK please tell me what you mean by "wont boot"?  
1 turn on the machine and it beeps.
2 goes to starting windows and hangs
3 you get to the log in screen?

Tell me about the machine:
number of harddisks
memory.  not the total but how many sticks.

Were you able to try safe mode?
Do you have a ERD disk created?
If not are the other machines in your office set up the same way?
------meaning same OS, C:, D:----------------------

Have you ever used recovery console?
Sounds like you have a 2000 CD corect?

WHen was the last time that the machine was rebooted?
Is there a battery back up/ surge protector for this machine?

DO you live in Florida?

Just kidding but let me know as much of that info as you can and I am sure I can help you out.
teedubyaAuthor Commented:
1) when I try to boot from HDD, i get "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT DISK AND PRESS <enter>"
2) Its a clone pc; I dont have ERD for this one, but every pc in the office is configured basically the same (HDD, Win2K, slight variations in personal software,etc)
3) I have tried the repair console from System CD
5) No, I'm not in Fla.
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ok good new lets make a ERD form one of the other machines in you office.  If there the same then the boot files will point you in the corect direction.

Here are a few articals to read if you want but get back to me after you create a ERD and attempt to boot from it.

Worst case or if your need the data ASAP you could add that disk to a working maching and pull the data off.  Just remember to change the jumpers on the disk to slave.

Repairing, Recovering, and Restoring an Installation of Windows 2000;en-us;268106

Differences Between Manual and Fast Repair in Windows;en-us;238359

teedubyaAuthor Commented:
I created an ERD from this working pc and tried it in the other one, with the "repair, recovery" option but still get the same boot failure message
Q) Can i take an "image" of another pc's drive and put it over the top of this one? (I dont have the software  to do this, just an idea),

A) If the system is almost identical and you replace the failing hardrive then you may be able to use a product such as Ghost to image another computer and install it to a new hard drive.

I would suggest that you take out the hard drive, replace it and do a new installation. If you have data on the old drive, connect it as the second drive in a currently working desktop and attempt to access it as (D:?). Good Luck.


Do you only have one hard drive?
what is the model?
what is the size?

follow the below link a download this utility and see what the reported configuration of the drive is?
teedubyaAuthor Commented:
Yes, only one drive, 40Gb (not full), IDE, Maxtor(not sure of model), Ive tried the ERD on both "fast" and "Manual" mode, no luck
teedubyaAuthor Commented:
I definitely want to save the data, so I'm gonna mount it as a slave on my pc, copy the data while I can!
;) good idea

Were you able to get the data off the drive? I hope so.

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