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Ok, im doing win32 programming and begining to figure things out. I just want to know howto do a couple basic things. Although it does'nt really matter too much I am compiling using Mingw 3. All sample programs built for MS vC++ have compiled fine.  I am hard coding all the events and everything although as noted below i want to use dialogs.
What i want to know includes:

Utilize and use a dialog interface compiled with resource compiler in my code.

Access\Alter a controls properties [I know a bunch of api calls that can manipulate certain properties, but i want like the -> or . funcitons so i can directly access properties of a control.] Or is this done using the Getmessage and Sendmessage? How do i use them to do this?

If its not too complex access to Active X would also be nice. Im not using MFC. Im rather new to c++ but have a pretty solid base. If someone built a sample application it would be nice for them to include howto put a value from one textbox to another, howto add items to a listbox, and howto set common form properties. I would sacrifice much of this if i just knew howto use dialog resources from my code.
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AxterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out following links:

If you need details on any of the WM_ variables, you can also do a keyword search on MSDN.

Th3_GODAuthor Commented:
Ok ive figured out howto manipulate properties of controls but now need to know howto get the text from text boxes etc. I would also like to know what a good reference for the list of commands to use with SendMessage and its corresponding common controls. By the way im an experienced VB programmer and know many server side web scripting langauges including php, if that helps anyone calibrate their answers.
You can use the GetWindowText API function
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Example usuage:
char szCurrentWindowName[1024];

  (HWND) hWnd,              // handle to destination window
  WM_GETTEXT,               // message to send
  (WPARAM) wParam;          // number of characters to copy
  (LPARAM) lParam;          // text buffer
Th3_GODAuthor Commented:
The sendmessage stuff is what im specifically looking for. I know about all the special API funcitons that can set backgrounds get text etc.  That works but i like a universal way to access control properties weather or not theirs an API call for it. I take it i just stick the variable \ a pointer to the variable in the lParam. One thing though thats still unanswered. Where can i get a reference for all the messages i can send with send message? Also is it easy to use activeX controls? One thing that i do Need anwers to is howto use dialogs once I've compiled them using a resource compiler. :|
>>That works but i like a universal way to access control properties weather or not theirs an API call for it

There's no universal way to access control properties.
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