Have 1 form, on form textblocks for DriverId,name,street, etc.. for this data adorecord set,
second adrecordset contains table with licenseplate numbers belonging to a DriverId,
then a third adorecordset contains table with list off accidentreports belonging to DriverId.
What I trying to figure out:
In DriverId txtbox e.g. looking for JACK-01, start typing in J,A,C,K  etc. how to let datagrid
at same moment scroll while typing letter J/A/C/K etc to postition in grid on screen.
So if more JACKS exist they show on order etc.
Then when I pick e.g. JACK-01, how to make call (in record JACK-01  I have key for both accidentreport and licenseplate)  how to make call to second recordset with key and same
for third.
Regards Jack
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I hope you are using VB

First problem:
In order to show relevent names as user keeps typing trap the change event of the textbox where user is typing JACK...
on the change event filter the recordset with whatever has been typed so far and populate the grid
However this might slow down the Interface a bit, a better more elegent solution is to have all IDs in a comboBox, user can select from it also you can easily implement autocomplete type of feature in combobox so that as soon as user types Jack, Jack-01 comes automatically on the press of a character that makes the name unique like in unix.

Second Problem:
Here also the same solution, filter, your other two recordsets must be containig the key field DriverID you need to filter the two recordsets based on the driver id
AdoRecordset1.Filter="DriverID='" & TxtDriverID.Text & "'"
then show the records
BIAPROAuthor Commented:
Ok based on your info I did this.
Only one problem left ,  the records start at  AB-001  untill ZZZ-9999
in file 30000 records,  so when I start typing e.g.   NIC-123 grid scrolls
ok to first found but if I make type error like NIX- and do backspace
grid is not scrolling  backwards because it passed that row already
How to make it scrolling backwards  specialy if you would go like back to N
or even back to nothing and want to start with e.g. BA  etc.
Ok clicking op adocontrol <<  would solve but thats not sofisticated.
Regards Jack

Private Sub TxtCustomerSearch_Change()
Dim Count As Integer
Dim LastRow As Boolean
On Error GoTo ErrHandle:
    Count = 0
    Do Until LastRow
        Customgrid.Row = Count
        Customgrid.Col = 1
        If UCase(Mid(Customgrid.Text, 1, Len(TxtCustomerSearch.Text))) = UCase(TxtCustomerSearch.Text) Then
            GoTo endSub
            End If
       Count = Count + 1
    Exit Sub
   Count = 0
   Do Until LastRow
       dtgrdLicense.Row = Count
       dtgrdLicense.Col = 1
       If UCase(Mid(dtgrdLicense.Text, 1, Len(txtCustomerId))) = UCase(txtCustomerId) Then
         Exit Sub
        End If
        Count = Count + 1
End Sub
BIAPROAuthor Commented:
I forget about ADO,  I wrote (yes, its more work) a APX module with Vaccess and a. will work, b.  MUCH faster.
Thanks anyway
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