hey I wanna start delphi, I got this cd having
1-Borland Delphi 5 Enterprise Edition
2-Borland Delphi 6 Enterprise Suite

what is better? what should I install?
and please can you give me beginer's Tutorials for delphi, the version you choosed

thanks alot
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Wim ten BrinkConnect With a Mentor Self-employed developerCommented:
Tough question. Although many professionals have been stuck after Delphi 5. Even my current employer never upgraded higher, although I myself use Delphi 8 for personal use. (And Delphi 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1)

Quite expensive CD's for a beginner, though. :-)

As tutorial, there are just too many sites about Delphi that can be helpful, although quite a few are more for finding components than learning the language. But okay, some links that haven't been mentioned:

And whatever you can Google for...

For a real tutorial, though, I have only one advise: buy a book and start experimenting in Delphi. There's no better tutor than practice...
I personally would install Delphi5... You can find some tutorials at

Delphi5 is the more stable version, while it still give nearly all a beginner in Delphi would need.

I would also take a look at and for free components.

Let me know if you need more!
just to agree with evarest, i would also prefer d5
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Ivanov_GConnect With a Mentor Commented:
few links:     (Programming Tips)    (Delphi and Pascal Programming Tutorials)    (Free Online Delphi Programming Tutorials)
BlackTigerXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I prefer Delphi 6, it has better support for ADO and some other goodies, Delphi 5 was very good, but I like Delphi 6 better, Delphi 6 has everything 5 does, plus some other things that you'll find useful in the future

for tutorials... all the ones that have been provided are in my favorites list
A few sites which have really helped me are: < - lots of useful info on functions in delphi and tutorials on file acces and so on

Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
You got a CD containing BOTH D5 Enterprise AND D6 Enterprise???
Where???? Pirated????
DarkCore_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Delphi 5 is really more stable, but Delphi 6 is quicker, over all in syntax completion, which if you're a begginer then you'll need it usually.

Documentation is almost the same.

I prefer the tab distribution of Delphi 6, where BDE is separed from Generic components ( Database Access ).

Also Internet components in Delphi 6 are updated ( includes Indy, instead old-fashioned disappeared socket components of Delphi 5 ) and includes Rave Reports, more usable than Delphi's 5 QuickReport. And if i'm not wrong, Delphi 6 includes first versions of dbExpress for RDBM's and first CLX support for Windows-Linux compatibility.

Also Delphi 6 includes a more powerfull external translation manager for localization.

There are no differences in pascal between versions, only in the library.

EvarestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Also Internet components in Delphi 6 are updated "

but if i'm not mistaken, you can download Indy for Delphi 5 from their website:

For my experience with beginners ( I've been teachering two begginers ), a beginner will found terrible dificult install new packages/components.

I think it's better for a begginer have anything in base distribution and when experienced, install other components. Delphi 6 introduces small improvements in this area too.

Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
The Indy components are also updated since Delphi 6. If he wants the latest Indy components then he would have to download them anyway. Then again, I don't think most beginners will start writing a TCP/IP server, personal IMAP mail client or other Internet tool. Most might already have problems writing a "Hello, World." program. :-)

And Eddie:
> You got a CD containing BOTH D5 Enterprise AND D6 Enterprise???
> Where???? Pirated????
With beginners, pirated software just tends to be the way they start to learn programming. And I must admit that even I started with a pirated copy to learn Pascal. But ever since Turbo Pascal 6 I started to buy my Pascal compilers legally since they've become part of my work. If beginners must buy the software to learn to use it, most beginners would probably not even start programming...
I'm not too worried about a beginner using a pirated copy to start learning. If they're decent people and decide they want to continue their studies, they will often buy a legal version later. Often when the next version hits the market. Only problem is that most students won't be buying the Enterprise version since it's just too expensive. Even the Professional Delphi versions (the ones I've bought personally) are pretty expensive. Thus they either end up with the standard edition or the Students editions. (And the last one cannot be used to make commercial software.)
Actually, my experience was that once i'd read a book about Delphi (Mastering Delphi, from Marcu Cantu), I really "got of". Also, installing packages isn't really necessary (as DarkCore indicated), but it's quite essential if you want to use more advanced tools, which aren't that easy to implement yourself, or for which you just don't have the time...

One good hint when installing a package (new components). Always read the Readme.txt which should be located in the ZIP archive of that package. Most packages have quite a good explanation on how you should install it into Delphi. It'll spare you _a lot_ of curses and time if you read at least the installation section of the readme before getting started...

Trial versions and keys for the personal version can be obtained from
deathman5Author Commented:
I got Delphi 7 but Im having problems with it freezing alot
Is D5 better in such things or are they all the same do you think?
Lots of good comments - I suggest a split among the responders
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