Subclassing -Missing WM Messages

Ok, I've earned my "expert" wings but only have 255 points so far, but I'll happily give them all away to anyone who can drop their inhibitions for long enough to tell me why I'm having this problem - and preferably suggest a work-around within the same context!

I've successfully subclassed an Excel spreadsheet in the project posted in the following link, which facilitates a mouse-tracking tool. Very handy (if you like that sort of thing) - however as explained in the thread, mouse-clicks are subsequently not received by the worksheet window.


ps. Sorry if the points seem stingy, I've been wating for a month and it's all I've got but I'll happily write an IOU for 500! :)
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Have you ken into account that the mouse clicks may be caught by some spreasheet children window? (like cells or something)
Colonel32Author Commented:
Hi nonubik. Your comment prompted me to use GetFocus to see which window actually had the focus when the mouseclicks were sent.

As it turns out, SPY++ showed that it's not the EXCEL7 (spreadsheet) class as I had assumed, it's some other generic class with no description "F3 Server 60000000". Since most Forms.2 control windows aren't created until they are activated, and a Google search revealed that the class appears in most MSO components, I'm guessing that this is what it is. Quite what how that impacts what I'm trying to do is beyond me though. :-\

Any more thoughts?
Can you get from the Excel sheet subclassed to the "F3 Server.." hwnd? In order to subclass it, too
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Colonel32Author Commented:
I'd imagine so, but the mousemove messages are already being processed correctly by the callback function for the EXCEL7 window, I just can't select any cells once the hook is in place :-*
I might try it anyway when I get home to see if it throws up any new ideas, but it doesn't seem likely. Have you run the project yourself?
>Have you run the project yourself?

I'm afraid not, since I have *lots* of work to do .. :(
Colonel32Author Commented:
No worries, I know the feeling :)
Colonel32Author Commented:
Well I tried that, but the classname was nowhere to be found and SPY++ showed that the EXCEL7 window really was the client. Since Google suggests that noone else has achieved this either,  I'm prepared to accept that subclassing the EXCEL7 window interferes with the mouse messages. But I'd love to know why, especially since Excel must use the mousehover message itself to show the cell Comment window.
Colonel32Author Commented:
Is it at all possible that this MS article is in any way related?;EN-US;238672

Please close this question moderator! :)
hmm... do you use VB? :)
Colonel32Author Commented:
I do, but not in this case - why?
because the link you posted refers to VB 6.0
Colonel32Author Commented:
It also refers to a documented glitch with usercontrols, which since Excel in an ActiveX server, I thought might be relevant.
My project demonstrates loss of mouse input after hooking - the article discusses the topic. Is that entirely circumstantial?
I appreciated the KB article.  It is part of what led to the solution in your next discussion:

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Colonel32Author Commented:
Worth every point, Cheers! :)
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