some time computer need to plug out and plug in the power cable for the mother board !

hello ,
some times when i try to turn on my computer ... i can't do it ! .. every thing is connected true way .. , the following mesage appear on the Monitor "No Signal.. please check ur cable" ..
it will work when i plug out the "power cable for the MotherBoard and plug it in again" .. computer then will work ! ..
how can i solve this problem  ?
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This sounds like a power supply problem - swap another one in that is as powerful.
You could also try this - hold down the power button for apprrox 5-10 seconds, and see what happens.  If nothing, release the power button, and push it again as normal.  If still nothing, then perhaps a new power cable, but most likely power supply as suggested by Callandor.
3ezzAuthor Commented:
oke thank you .. i'll try and tell you .. but compter now is far ..
check the video cable from the monitor to the PC. Change it out.
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