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I have a client that wants to export all teh information to the users desktop. he wants to be able to turn off teh exchange box and still have all teh info. I know how to import to exchange but how do you do it the other way?
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BNettles73Connect With a Mentor Commented:
once you have all of the data stored in a PST, you'll need to reconfigure the Outlook profiles and connect the PST ... I'll try to find you a tutorial

If the Exchange Server is staying in production -
You can set the Outlook clients to work offline and only synchronize with the Exchange server .

If you are looking to export one mailbox to personal folders then you could use File > Export > choose Personal Folders and save to the your workstation ... configure the Outlook profile to connect to the PST ..

If you want to export all data from your exchange server to begin decommissioning the server (uninstalling/removing/shutting down) ... you can use the Exmerge utility ... you can download the utility here ( ... scroll down some and you'll see the 5.5 version ... the help files are included. It has a GUI interface and is very easy to use.

Once you have the PST you can configure your outlook profile to connect to it ... if you are unfamiliar with this process let me know.

eberhardt2329Author Commented:
I am unfamilkuer. this is what the client wants he wants to seperate the inside mial from teh outside mail he will have a verizon accounts on teh outside. he wants to move all teh information for each user to there box, but still use teh exchange server for internal mail. What do you think I should do
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There are some known issues with using Outlook while connected to an Exchange Server and an external POP account ... You'd probably have to configure multiple profiles and have the email stored in a local PST ... I can go into this in more detail tomorrow ... been a 17 hour day for me and I need sleep =) ...
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
get some sleep, but when you get a chance to go into more detail that would be great. Thank yu very much

The known issues when you have an Exchange Server and an external POP account configured in the same profile:

KB 245446 (refers to Exchange 5.5 and Outlook 2000 but is still relevant for E2K3 and O2K3)

When you use a simple Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) profile, you may receive the following error message:

No transport provider was available
Your profile contains both of the following services:
An internet e-mail service such as Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) or Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3)

Microsoft Exchange Server service
This behavior is due to the way that MAPI handles SMTP address resolution. While this configuration may appear to work, the resolution order, and therefore the ability to resolve SMTP addresses correctly, may not work. This behavior becomes more noticeable in complex organizations. This configuration also causes issues when you connect to a computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server.

****** Microsoft does not support this configuration.

To work around this behavior, create two different profiles: one for the Internet mail service and one for the Exchange Server service. For additional informationabout how to set up Outlook profiles and how to configure Outlook to prompt you for a profile, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
195478 OL2000: (CW) User Profiles and Information Services

182159 OL98: (CW) User Profiles and Information Services

162203 OL97: User Profiles and Information Services

When you set up two different profiles, you must quit Outlook before you can switch to the other profile.

Another way to work around this behavior is to use Outlook Express for POP3 or SMTP internet e-mail services, and to use Outlook when you connect to a computer that is running Exchange Server.

This information applies to using Microsoft Mail in a profile with Exchange and/or Internet Mail Service. In addition, Microsoft recommends that you have a separate profile for the Microsoft Mail service.
If you install Internet Mail Service (IMS) on a computer that is running Exchange Server, mail is automatically sent using Exchange Server. The SMTP server that you specify as your Internet e-mail account is not used.

The Outlook program, acting as the Exchange client software, sends an NspiResolveNames request to Exchange Server. If you install IMS, Exchange Server attempts to handle the message even if you have not correctly configured it to send Internet e-mail. In such a situation, a non-delivery report (NDR) is received.

There is no client resolution available for this situation other than the use of separate user profiles for Outlook. Configure Exchange to send SMTP mail by installing IMS, or to use another e-mail program to send Internet e-mail.

If you are going to use Exchange and an external POP account from Verizon, then you would probably need to use two profiles ... one for internal and one for external ... or use OWA for your internal communications and Outlook for your POP access.

You could also try configuring your Exchange Outlook profile to store the messages in a PST instead of on the server, and configure a POP account as well ... this will download all messages to the PST file and keep all files in a central location. The real issue though is running into the "No Transport Provider" error on the clients when sending email to internet. If possible, you may consider trying to have the email from your Verizon accounts forward to your exchange server email addresses.

If your ISP supports it ... you may consider using the POP3 connector to download messages to your exchange server ... there are also some third party utilities and software that may do the same thing ... basically download the pop mail from your ISP and then manage everything from the Exchange ... I haven't really implemented this scenario but you can probably google it for more info....
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
what I was told was to remove smtp from active directory, and teh echange box. then pint the mx record in teh world to verizon. does this sound right. Then I think I will suggest they either use webaccess to access the internet mail, or have them setup outlook express for the externall accounts. the question I have is how do I have all the exchange info export to the pst file on teh workstation. he has tried this, and all he is getting is the inbox? any iodeas?

You can use the exmerge utility to export all of the data from any mailbox ... including dumpster information (Deleted/Deleted Items, if retention is set on your server) ...

From Outlook you can also export all user data -

You can accomplish this by choosing File > Export > Export to a file > Choose Personal Folders > Click on the top folder on the next screen (typically it is the user's name or Outlook today) and check the box that says "include all subfolders", Browse to the location you wish to create/save the PST and then click Finish .. click Ok on the next screen and it will begin exporting all fo the data to a PST
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
thnak you and then how do I have them point to the pst and not the exchange box for the information?
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
thnak you I will look forward to that
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
I think we got that part taken care of thank you
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