undo, redo for datagrid

i have a populated datagrid, i would like to allow a user to undo, redo changes that they make to the datagrid, how will i do this, code examples will me much appreciated
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webbskConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lately I've been trying to do the same thing (but I use C#) and I think this article was the most helpful of the ones I found:

VB.NET + XML = Undo/Redo

Even though I was using a different (but pretty similar) language, it was written so clearly that I could apply it easily to my own work. But it will be perfect for you since you are using VB.NET. Good luck! ;)
webwebwebwebAuthor Commented:
thats got nothing to do with undo /redo in vb.net
webwebwebwebAuthor Commented:
its talkn about c# and databases i think, im working with vb.net and dataset(from xml data)
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