2 IP addresses on ADSL Router. Spec Requirements.


I've got my ISP to supply me 2 IP addresses on an ADSL connection.

I'd like to use one IP address for a NAT'ed network and put another machine in a mini-DMZ on the other IP.  What feature do I need to ensure the ADSL router has to handle this config.  My current router appears to only handle one IP address.


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paranoidcookieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How about something like http://www.adslguide.org.uk/hardware/reviews/2002/q4/vigor2600we.asp its got a full stateful firewall so should let you configure all sorts of interesting routing. Theres also loads of reviews od routers on www.adslguide.org
You need to ensure your router can run a pass through dmz at the same time its running nat. Therefore I suggest you look for one that has programmable routing features. If youve got the momey you can really go wrong with any Cisco router running IOS though you might need some help configuring it. On the cheaper end of the scale check out zxtel.
Alternativly you could use an old 486 early pentium class pc running something like the linux router project.
Hope that helps
bendeckoAuthor Commented:
Is there a spec that I could look out for?

For example I know that since I have multiple VPN clients (on the NAT'ed part) I need to look out for the line  'Multiple VPN-passthrough'  on the routers spec-sheet.

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Ah vpns a slightly different kettle of fish, however most routers which have any sort of stateful packet inspection can handle mutliple vpn-passthrough.
bendeckoAuthor Commented:
No no sorry...

What i meant was please give me a similar expression to look out for on the spec-sheet of the router...

e.g.  Allow mutiple VPN clients =  'Multiple VPN passthrough'

eg.  Handle 2 or more allocated IPs =  '..............'

See what I mean?

bendeckoAuthor Commented:
So this vigor one...

'Supports IP Routing (multiple IP option) '

Is the key phrase?

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