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error while using ternary operator in jsp

whats wrong with this

<input type="text" searchField="true" class='text' maxlength="2"  size="2"  value='<%=out.println(request.getParameter("countryId") != null ? request.getParameter("countryId") : "" )%>'         name="countryId"

i am getting this error

Incompatible type for method. Can't convert void to java.lang.Object. out.print(out.println(request.getParameter("countryId") != null ? request.getParameter("countryId") : "" ))

chaitu chaitu
chaitu chaitu
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chaitu chaituAuthor Commented:
i solved the problem like this

<input type="text" searchField="true" class='text' maxlength="10"  size="10"  value='<%out.println(request.getParameter("countryName") != null ? request.getParameter("countryName") : "" );%>'   name="countryName" >

expression is a combination of variable and operation that final return only one value.

You use this
out.println(request.getParameter("countryId") != null ? request.getParameter("countryId") : "" )
It's not expression since it return void. jsp expression cannot accept method that return void.

If you really want to use expression instead of scriptlet, I think it should be
<%=request.getParameter("countryId") != null ? request.getParameter("countryId") : ""%>
ok...for your reference,

whatever you give inside the <%= and %> is considered to be a out.print
i.e. <%=yourContent%> itsellf refers to out.print(yourContent);

So, this is the way normally developers use:

<input type="text" searchField="true" class='text' maxlength="10"  size="10"  value='<%=request.getParameter("countryName") != null ? request.getParameter("countryName") : ""%>'  name="countryName">
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haaa....didnt noticed your comment sampol..
For more clarification about jsp,

when you create jsp file and deploy to server. the server will translate jsp to servlet line by line.


will be convert to

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