SMTP 10053 Software Caused Connection Abort - ultra important please help.

SBS 2000 Server

Reinstalled veritas BE due to logs being corrupt then reboot.

Exchange runs a pop3 connector to a single catch all mailbox which is delievred to 5 or so users locally

Local Email send receive works fine.
Local email sent to extranal domain name works fine
All send mail works fine

All mails downloaded by the pop3 connector disappear into the ether.

The connector connects fine and with advanced logging on all seems well - no errors at all -

this information message

Event Type:      Information
Event Source:      POP3 Connector
Event Category:      Delivery
Event ID:      4032
Date:            09/09/2004
Time:            14:01:02
User:            N/A
Computer:      MINI-1
A recipient has been processed. Recipient information:
NDR Status Code:            600
Error Code:            00002745
SMTP Reply:            
SMTP Name:  
SMTP Host:  

among the normal ones - looks like an error but comes up in blue as information.

No errors at all elsewhere

Balls to this i think the pop3 connector in sbs is rubbish anyway so i instal EFS which is much better now i get some more info from the EFS logs

09/09/2004 13:26 --> connecting to SMTP server
09/09/2004 13:26 --> Unknown: The current connection has been aborted by the network or intermediate services. (10053)

Hmm interesting....

telnet localhost 25 results in -

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>telnet localhost 25
Connecting To localhost...Could not open a connection to host on port 25 : Conne
ct failed

so basically pop3 connectors (ms or efs ones) use smtp for local delivery but fail with little or no errors and emails disappear. the local smtp services is not responding.

nothing else has changed on the server which has been running for 3 years no problems except an uninstall of backup exec.

have done numerous reboots, restarts of the smtp, have checked all the securioty settings and anyway SMTP works fine for sneding mail just not local delievry. local delivery works fine if a client sends a mail to user@domain.local or it just seems like the pop3 clients cant use smtp like its blocking everything except itself from using the service.

seeing as everything was working ok until i recommended an install of BE my head is really on the block.

urgent help required been working on it for last 8 hours straight my mind s fried.

btw i think 10053 is some kind of winsock error.

all dns, pings, mx lookups all seem fine.

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CetusMODConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Closed, 500 points refunded.
Community Support Moderator
have you checked if the SMTP Service is running, or if, when you uninstalled Veritas it could have uninstalled SMTP Service !

Start there !

Get back to us afterwards, please !

Best Regards.

P.S. - SBS 2000 is a very "Slicky" OS, be carefull with !
sloopethAuthor Commented:
well im sure you all enjoyed helping me with that one

in desperation i just stopped every single service on the server then did a telnet to 25 and it worked

turning them all back on i found it was the mcafee netshield service somehow stopping the smtp service from responding

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Ok, now just uninstall Mcafee and install Symantec Corporate edition !

Hope I Could help you out !!

Best Regards !!

What Net shield do you have? 4.5 ?

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