Javascript Submit Link with Confirm box problems

I have text link that should submit form, before submitting form it should verify if you would like to proceed w/ submitting form, then if you hit ok it should submit it, however when you hit ok it does nothing. If I use a submit button it works, and i do not need the document.dupeForm.submit()" if i use a submit button, however i cannot use a submit button when doing this, it must be done w/ a text link

here is the code:
<form action = "" method = "post" name="dupeForm">
      <td bgcolor = "white" style = "border:1px black solid;font-size:9pt;font-weight:bold;border-top:0px;"><a href = "#" onClick="return confirm ('Are You Sure You Want To Duplicate This Quote?');document.dupeForm.submit()">Duplicate Quote</a></td>

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knightEknightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oops, missing )

<A href="#" onclick="if(confirm('Are you sure?'))document.dupeForm.submit();return false;">submit</a>
<A href="#" onclick="if(confirm('Are you sure?')document.dupeForm.submit();return false;">submit</a>
<a href = "#" onClick="if (confirm('Are You Sure You Want To Duplicate This Quote?'))document.dupeForm.submit();return false;">Duplicate Quote</a>
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LTY83Author Commented:
looks good, but are ya missing a ), if so where should it be put? at the end of the whole js statement?
FYI - with a button:

<INPUT type="button" name="btnSubmit" value="Submit"  onclick="if(confirm('Are You Sure You Want To Duplicate This Quote?'))this.form.submit();" />
LTY83Author Commented:
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