dropdownlist binding


i am binding the data selected from database to dropdownlist.
select companynumber, companyname from company
dropdownlist.datatextfield = "companyname"
dropdownlist.datavaluefield = "companynumber"
with this code in the drop down list i will have companynames.
what i want is both companyname - companynumber in dropdownlist.
when i am saying dropdownlist.datatextfield = "companyname" & "companynumber" its
throwing error. is there any other way to do it.
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tomv011397Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you will need to get that into the query, The 'auto wire up' does not support multiple of user defined fields.

Change your query to

select companyname + " - " + companynumber as displayname
,       CompanyNumber
from ... etc

then link 'displayname' as the display field

If you bind it to a field on your query it is hard to add two fields together. You can query the database for the fills and then add to dropdown with a for loop.

I realize these are not the greatest examples but should help steer you in the right direction.

George - www.ipdg3.com
TOm is correct...change your select statement to include the concatenated value for your combo box.
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