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Currently I have a Generation 2 Compaq ML350.  The machine has a compaq 532 array controller running a raid 5 array using 5 drives with one as a hot spare for a total of 6 drives in the internal hot plug backplane.  All drives are 9.1 GB.  The array contains one logical drive with two partitions, C: and E:


Need more drive space on both partitions.

Desired setup*********************

All the same except use 36 GB drives instead of 9.1 GB drives.

Proposed solution******************

I have a spare 532 controller and I can borrow an external storage controller from a friend.  I want to connect the external storage controller, install my 6 new 36 GB drives, create the logical drive, create the two partitions of the desired size, name them something like F: G:, then copy through windows C: onto F: and E: onto G:.  Once this is complete, could I then replace the array in the internal backplane with the one I created in the external drive, rename the partitions F: and G: to C: and E: respectively and have the thing boot normally?
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't think it will work copying the OS data to other partitions and renaming them unless it is done through backup/restore. You can't just copy your C drive to another disk when windows is running and expect it to boot.

Ghost is not easy to use with RAID controllers but if you put smrtscsi.sys in config.sys I believe it will work - there's a sample config.sys and autoexec.bat in one of the appendixes of the SmartStart scripting toolkit.

There's an  easier way but it takes a bit of time. Forget about borrowing an external box and using the spare controller. Remove the hot spare through the ACU and replace it with a 36GB drive and add this 36GB back as a hot spare. Then take one of the 9GB drives out and wait until the array has rebuilt. Replace that 9GB drive with a 36GB and repeat the proceedure. Repeat until all the drives are 36GB. Go into the ACU and extend the array to use the remaining space. Then use Symantec Volume Manager to move the partitions about and expand them. Zero downtime although the machine will be slower during the repeated online rebuilds. Make sure that the array has rebuilt each time before replacing the next drive - you can check the progress through the ACU. You can turn rebuild priority up via the ACU to make it rebuild faster although then the machine will run slower during the rebuild. Rebuild is only 9GB of data, not 36GB so it should be able to do this over 5 consecutive nights. As with all disk shuffling exercises you should backup to tape first. Do not extend the array if you have dynamic disks unless you have the very latest firmware on the controller, data loss may occur when the server is rebooted.
Is the OS on this Array.
It sounds lik ein the exixting config you have about 32gb of space(data). would it be possible to just back this up to another drive then create the new array with the new 36gb drives install and restore from back up?

or use a solution like ghost or drive image to move the data from the old drive to the new.
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donnatroniousAuthor Commented:
Sorry, windows 2000 server.
donnatroniousAuthor Commented:
katacombz - Your answer is hardly specific.  Are you saying install one of the 36 gig drives where my 9 gig spare is then copy the existing data from the raid 5 array to it and make the single drive bootable, then create the new raid 5 array and copy the data from my single 36 gig to the new array with 36 gig drives and make it bootable?
sorry, let me try again.

would it be possible to back the entire existing array up to tape or some other removable media,
or ghost the drives to another drive somewhere on the network.
 then remove the existing 9.1gb drives. insert the new 36gb drives build the array and install and restore from back up.
or bring image back across the network.
donnatroniousAuthor Commented:

Will the 69 dollars version of Ghost 9 allow be to backup up the server version of windows?  It seems like I remeber their is another version that must be used.
Hi  donnatronious,

I was in the same position about a month ago. I had a Compaq ML 370 G2 with one 18 GB HD for the OS and two mirrored 36 GB drive for data. I was also running out of space.

We used V2i Protector Small Bussiness Edition (from Symantec). I made sure I had the driver for my array controller, made tape backups, then ran V2i to create my backup image for each drive, pulled out my old drives, put the new ones in, configured them in the array controller and then used the V2i CD and array driver to boot the server and put the images on the new drives. V2i is now a part of my daily backup procedure. It really seems like a good backup/restore "on the fly" kind of product.

For more information check 

I am pretty sure a version of Ghost would also work but, someone else who uses it would be a better source than me.

Good luck on your project. I hope this helps.
ghost 9 should work you might also look into drive image pro.
one thing to consider is you will need a bootable disk cd or floppy with dos drivers from your scsi\raid card.
donnatroniousAuthor Commented:
S_Purks - V2i Protector Small Bussiness Edition is cost prohibitive.
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