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Access child's winxp home account

I want to see what my son has been upto on the internet, but don't want him to know.  We're running Win XP home.  I have the administrator account and he has a limited account.  Is there a way for my browser to point to his HISTORY file?  I've tried copying it over my own, but it won't let me.  Any suggestions, short of a password reset, would be welcome.....thanks
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Hello jlargent =)

>> I've tried copying it over my own,

u cannot do it in Normal mode
Boot ur system in safemode and login as ADMINISTRATOR (not with ur own user)
then goto C:\Documents and settings\ur son's username\Local Settings and copy the History folder
then goto C:\Documents and Settings\ur username\Local Settings
(make sure that u have backed up ur history folder to somewhere else, coz after pasting u will loose ur History folder)
Paste the copied History folder from ur son's account

Now u have His IE History
restart in Normal Mode and login with ur user
and now u can check what he is doing on the net all that time ;-)

How would you feel if your boss was spying on you?

Talk to your child, let him know you want to check what's he's doing. That's far more effective!
If you find something you don't like, how are you going to tell him that you don't trust him???

BTW, somewhere on the PC, there's a binary file containing most URL's ever visited. Good luck finding it!
There are a number of ways you do watch. I was tagged to do an investigation last year on someone, and was given a couple laptops to look through.
There was 80 GB of crap to go through, and doing searchs for pictures/videos/internet caches pulled up nothing substantial. So, I pulled up "recent documents."
I pulled up links to a lot of files that had been accessed recently. They actually files had been deleted. So I went and tried to pull up the folder, but I couldn't see it. I opened up folder options and enabled the ability to view hidden files and folders. The folder showed up... When I went in there, I found all kinds of porn. Some of it was pictures of corworkers he had taken... in the same folder with pictures of his wife.

If he suspects his son is up to something, he can't just accuse him. It's a lot safer to do a little background check to make sure there's nothing to worry about, rather than say "You're looking at porn and online drug sales!" and he really isn't.

Furthermore, it's not a job, and he's not a boss. Even in the workplace, your boss has the right to make sure you're doing what you're supposed to be. That's part of almost every company policy. His son is living under his roof, therefore he is subject to the rules of the house.
Tim HolmanCommented:
Let's see.  I can give you a few educated guesses what your teenage son may be looking at - music sites, joke/fun sites, girlie sites, anarchy-orientated material and probably porn !  

The most discreet way to look into his account is to use a keystroke logger - either software or hardware based, then you will know what his password is....  plenty for sale on ebay !

Jeff RodgersNetworks & Communications Systems ManagerCommented:
Can I suggest that if he is that worried about what his son is doing, then maybe he needs something like NetNanny, Cyber Patrol  or some other form of babysitting program?

What is going to happen when his son learns he is being spied upon?  And believe me kids are very smart... he'll find out and when he does you will lose the respect and trust your son has in you.

I suggest you discuss with him before all else and inform him of what you are planning and why.
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