I would like encrypt a string using java from Unix and send this encrypted text to .net server to decrypt. Below are the steps I would like to take:

Java - 1. Create MD5 has of string.
Java - 2. Encrypt using DES

send this string to .net; using I would like to:  - 1. Unencrypt using DES - 2. unhash MD5 string.

Is this possible ? If so, could you provide sample code ?


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ozoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
unhashing an MD5 string is very difficult
sunnycoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ozo is right ... here is what you can do

Java - 1. Create MD5 hash of string.
Java - 2. Encrypt string and hash using DES

send this string along with encrypted hash to .net; using I would like to:  - 1. Unencrypt string and hash using DES - 2.  recalculate MD5 hash for the decrypted string. - 3. Comapre this calculated hash with the decrypted hash ...

For the source code, you may get better replies if you post the question in either Java or TAs
Disagreed ... It cannot be done and it has been said so
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Actually *something* can be done and the Asker was sent to other areas for coding ;) Thus the delete- no refund.
But Yes - I agree - what he initially required is not possible.
- What can be done has been suggested ... Knowing what to code and coding it are two different things ... Trying to code something which is not possible is likely to waste some time ...

- The original question "Is this possible ? If so, could you provide sample code ?" stands answered, no it cant be done.

- DES, I believe, has export restrictions ... I am not sure how safe would it be for EE to host the code on its servers.

-  Moreover, the question is posted in Unix Programming TA .. It is unfair to expect us to be able to code in all languages esp. VB.NET ;-)

- If you still feel help was insufficient ... may I recommend a PAQ/No Refind with a lower grade?

Your call!
Actually I think he had mistaken the area ;))

However - CHANGED RECOMMENDATION: Split points : ozo and sunnycoder
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