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Dedicated Server

I need help setting up a server on my computer.. i have windows Xp.. ive been trying with different programs such as Apache and DSL Web Hosting.. but coulndt figure anything out.. please help

thank you,
1 Solution
Your  best bet in Windows envoirnment for simple web hosting will be IIS. It comes with Windows but it may not installed by default. Once installed you can access the setings from the Control Panel or you may want to load up a MMC.  As for Apache, it does not mix well in Windows envoirnment. But if you want a stable dedicated web server you should consider getting a *unix box. But if you need to need details on IIS check out:
IIS does not come installed by default, but you can go to Add/ Remove Programs and go to Add/ Remove Windows Components. New window will open, then click Internet Information Services and finnish ( If you want FTP, must click on Details and choose the roles your IIS will play)

Best Regards !
Well im not to sure exactly where the thoughts come from that apache does not work well on windows.
That i and many feel is a bogus statement. Not only does it install easy enough it is a very controllable environement. And as Apache is used as the primary web server on the net. That statement just seems a bit prejudicial.
But anyways to setup a Apache server download and install the latest windows binary(exe) from
If you are useing a router you will need to make the access to the port. It installs with a default port of 80. This port can be changed to anything you want. You will need to have a DNS server point to your machine or you will need to use your ip address to point to your machine.
Lastly you will need to know if you have a static ip address ( a ip address that does not change ever from your internet service provider) or you will need to be able to update your dynamic ip address ( a ip address that changes every time you disconnect from your internet service provider or on occasion your isp changes it at random intervals usually every few days)
If you are not useing a router setup is very basic run the install file for apache. and point your web browser either to
127.0.01 or your ip address or localhost
http://your ip address
If you have a dynamic ip address you will need the DNS point twoard new ip address every time it changes.
There are client(a little local program that sends your ip address to the DNS so it updates your ip address when it changes)
You can change your listening port for apache to anythign you want. You change it from within your httpd.conf file
located in your apache folder
Usually drive:\Apache\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf open it with notepad and look for the line that says Listen to
There are other servers that you can try that are free also
such as
Jboss - this is a java based web application server
or you can try another java based web application server wich you can download from Sun i think there newest version is 8
Then there are the precompiled servers with data bases and php already ready to run.
These are usually called Distrobutions some of them are named
Big Apache
You can find several precompiled servers with these applications from various sources includeing web searche engines and from file repsotorys such as
These are just a few there are probably over 200 precompiled Apache web servers that all you need to do is run the install file and your more or less good to go with php and mysql
On a side note there are more complaints for the IIs server for windows then there is for the Apache server.
but you will have to search and learn this for your self as you begin to understand your workings with web servers.
I am not saying you should not use IIs as your server. But i am saying that the more you learn you will understand the differences of what each does better or worse then the other.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Although I agree with the previous poster, I would like to break your problem into few steps:

1. Download and Install Apache. Follow the default procedure and options.
2. Test it: http://localhost or http://<host_name> . You should see default apache page.
3. For access from outside, know your IP by going to 
4. Open port 80 ( webserver default port ) for access from outside.
5. Access your server from outside http://whater_your_IP_is  as shown at 
6. If needed, Un-Install and Re-Install, this time looking at custom installation.
    Configure things like htdocs and cgi-bin location. Server port etc.
7. Follow steps #2 and #5, if you see this correctly, you are all set.
8. Spice up contents on your web-server.

Please follow the steps and specify which step you have problems with. This will help others in giving you a better solution to your sepecific problems.
FabioEliaAuthor Commented:
I just downloaded this program called LiteServ and im having trouble setting up the webpage off my comp.......... please help


Could you please elaborate your problem definition. Do you see any thing, when you try to go to:
http://localhost/   or http://your_host_name

What problems or messages do you get ?

I will still say that go with one of the widely accepted web-servers to get maximum out of your server.

I just saw that you accepted IIS server as the answer to your problem.
Are you using or have tested IIS as well ?

If you have IIS working and you are trying to use LiteServ or any other server on the same port,
then it is not going to work, unless you change the port number.
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