Stop beep when click on locked control

In Access 2000,

I have a form which contains a checkbox bound to a formula.  The checkbox is enabled but lock.

I am doing some processing on the MouseDown event of the checkbox and everything is working fine ... except that my speaker was off.

When I tried it on another PC, I notice that Access is doing "beep" every time I click over the checkbox.  This is annoying.

Does someone lnow how to prevent the beep (other the turning the speaker off wise guys ;-) ) ?

Can I remove the click form teh event queue after I process teh OnMouseDown event (the beep is heard after my event has run) ?

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shanesuebsahakarnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmm - the same method works with the KeyDown event (setting the KeyCode=0 prevents further processing of the keyboard buffer) so I thought that might work. Oh well...

On a side point, Access (2002) does not beep for me when I try to click on a field bound to a calculation.
Hi Ragoran, is there an alert box or any message that pops up in the code for that event? By default a locked control does not have any a "beep" or any sound for that matter. However, if you may have something triggers that beep in you code.

If you could post what happens in that event we can take a look for you.

Jake Bushnell
Haven't tried it, but have you tried setting Button=0 before you exit the event?
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ragoranAuthor Commented:

There are no msgbox, no popup or anything, just beeps.

Another easy way to reproduce this behavior is:

1 - Create a new form
2 - put a checkbos on it, set the control source to "=true"
3- run the form, click on the checkbox --> beep

I think it is the way that Access is notifying the user that it can't accept this event because the checkbox can't be change interactively because it is bound to a formula, thus locked.

But I want to trap the event to do something.  

Because the control is to be used in a continuous form, it can't be unbound.

This is frustrating because I was about to post a solution to the continous form multi-select question we get every other days.  As well as highlighting the current row in a continuous form, etc. And this is the last detail not working...

ragoranAuthor Commented:

Good try, but setting Button = 0 doesn't change a thing.  

It make sense as the Button parameters is declared byval, not byRef, so the calling (event handler) does not see the change.

ragoranAuthor Commented:
Oh, I will try tonigh at home where I have Access 2003 installed...

You are right about the keyDown event... but this parameter is noy byRef either... that I don't understand.

I just notice that when the access beeps, I also have a message in the status bar saying "Control can't be edited, it is bound to the expression 'False' "

JakeBushnellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi ragorn, I tried what you mention before my first post. It did not beeb at all. I am using 2002.
Jake Bushnell
ragoranAuthor Commented:
Apparently, it is a set behavior in Access 2000 (and before?) but both Access 2002 and 2003 don't beep.  I guess I will leave it at that for the moment.

Thanks you all

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