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Moving PDC and Exchange to new server.

I've spent a decent amount of time reading over the plethora of answers here on moving pdc's and exchange servers but I have yet to see a situation quite the same as mine so I would like to get some customized help with it.

Current set up:
This is a small company network with a single 2000 server. As horrible as it is it currently does all of the following:
1. PDC
2. Exchange Server
3. SQL Server 2K
4. IIS
5. FTP
6. DNS
8. Just about everything else...

They have recently purchased a new machine to work as an additional 2000 server, albeit a slower one. At this point it should be obvious what I'm about to try to do. hehe...

I'd like to demote the current server and transfer the PDC and all things AD related to the new server. I'd also like to move Exchange over to it as well. This will allow me to place the new server behind a firewall (imagine that), and leave the old server at the border serving up the web site, FTP, etc...

So to sum it up, what steps do I need to take to succesfully migrate AD, the PDC, and Exchange Server 2003 over to the new box leaving the old one with nothing to do with the domain or email? I'm going for a smooth migration here and would like to be aware of any issues I may face along the way.

Thanks in advanced for the assistance...

-PC Smith
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1 Solution
For the Exchange server you you need to install AD connector in the new server to migrate the mail boxes. And in the new server run dcpromo.exe so that it will become a domain controller. When they synchronize then you can run dcpromo.exe on the old server to stop that DC. Hope this help you.
AD connector is only used for Ex5.5, so if you're ex2000 don't worry about it.

Install the new server, promote it to a DC, transfer the FSMO roles and enable it as a Global Catalog server. More than happy to look find hints on how to do all that if you don't already know.

Install Exchange, add replicas for all of the public folders, move all mail objects over to the new server.


At this pont you have 2 options. Uninstall exchange, and cope with the "my outlook is broken" day you're going to have, or leave exchange in place for a week or two so that users are automagically sent to the new server.

Demote the old server.

Hmm - you probably want the steps - I'll look them up after I've finished watching the West Wing.
Moving Mailboxes in Exchange Server 2003;en-us;821829

How to Remove the First Exchange 2003 Server Computer from the Site

It's pretty intense...

StonelegendsAuthor Commented:
Alright, thanks HarleyJD...

That gives me a good list of steps that I need to accomplish...

1. Install new server.
----- Done.

2. Promote new server to a DC.
----- I am familiar with how to do this.

3. Transfer FSMO Roles to new server.
----- The only way I've even done this is just by demoting the current pdc at which point it automatically pushes all of it's roles to another dc. But it's looking like your process has me waiting until after the Exchange migration to demote the original server. Any good links for moving roles manually?

4. Enabled new server to be a global catalog.
----- I've done this once before, I think I can figure it out. Only question on it is how long should I wait after moving the roles and making the new server a GC for all of the information to propogate before I move on with the steps. An hour? Reboot?

5. Install Exchange on new server.
----- Is there anything special I should look out for or do during the installation of a second Exchange 2003 server?

6. Add replicas for all of the public folders.
----- Looks like there's a how to on this one in the second link you gave above. I think I understand.

7. Move all mail objects over to the new server.
----- All mail objects? Do you mean the mailboxes, or is there more to deal with? Your first link about describes how to move mailboxes but not anything else. Just making sure I dont miss anything important here.

8. Check to make sure that the Public Folders have replicated to the new server.
----- Found the process for this in your second link above. Thank you.

9. Uninstall Exchange from old server and have a bad day.
----- lol... Can you help me out a little more with this one? What is going to be the problem if I uninstall Exchange from the old server without waiting a week? Any way of preventing the bad day?

10. Demote old server.
----- You do this with dcpromo correct? I believe I can handle this one.

Thanks for the quick response and your additional help in advance. =)

-PC Smith
StonelegendsAuthor Commented:
Since I need so much more information from you I'll go ahead and give you these points and branch this off into a new question with more points.

-Thanks again for being so helpfull,

-PC Smith
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