Congratulations to our new Wizard—mvidas

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Looks like Matt got over the 300,000 point mark sometime today, and has now earned the "Wizard" certificate in Excel. That's also pretty rapid progress for someone who didn't even begin earning points in Excel until this year!

The only thing missing is a little background information about the man of the hour. The EE screen profile is pretty empty, but it appears that Matt works in the accounting field for a company in upstate New York. He lives in what might be called the "Snow Belt". For more info, see this comment in a PAQ

Woohoo! Way to go Matt!
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Anne TroyEast Coast Manager

Way to go, Matt!!

Congratulations Matt :)
Jeroen RosinkSoftware testing consultant
Good work Matt!
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Congratulations Matt!

Top Expert 2010
Bravo, Matt!
Thanks everyone!! I came home from playing cards last night (playing Euchre, if anyone knows of that game) and saw that I crossed the wizard line. Quite an accomplishment in my eyes!

Wow Brad I forgot I had written that.  I've made a few posts here and there that give some information about me, but I completely forgot about that huge one.  I do live in the snow belt (and love it), very grateful recently that I don't live in the hurricane region (though we did get the remainder of "Frances" yesterday--we got at least 4 inches of rain Wednesday night-Thursday morning, many local towns flooded).  

By the way, as a few of you already know, I have many many gmail (google email) invitations available.  I can't think of a group I'd rather share them with, so if you'd like one (or more) send an email to the address in my profile.  Google gives one invite per email, so if you want more than one gmail account just let me know the other address(es) you want invites sent to!  (also, visit !)

EE is addicting and fun, so I think I'll be around for a while still.  Thanks again, everyone!
Woohoo Matt! Congratulations!! You flat out whipped me and several others in less than a year.

Thanks for all your good advice and help. It is appreciated, I assure you.

All the best,
Congrats Matt,

I've been out of town so I'm a little late on this one, I just saw Anne's post at VBAX

You have been a very enthusiastic, helpful and polite contributor here.......and of course compliments on your Excel talents as well, you have provided some very nifty solutions.

One of the healthier aspects of EE is the expert regeneration, both you and Jeroen in particular have add a lot of value in the last year as other stalwarts have dropped away. It’s good to see some of the other new guys, [new in EE terms that is :) ], posting in this thread as well

Thanks for the gmail

But one worrying thought that needs resolving - are you truly an accountant?   :)


Now why is that a worrying thought :) I'm not a do-your-taxes kind of accountant, more like corporate accountant.  Reconcile general ledger accounts, post entries into the general ledger, along with some non-accountant tasks (but still number related, if you cant tell i love numbers and statistics).  I do my own taxes generally though, I'd become a CPA but then I'd have to go to school--cant have that :) Who knows, maybe someday!
Look at the bright side Dave; Matt could have been a lawyer :))
byundtMechanical Engineer
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Top Expert 2013


You and EmmaTech seem to have a mutual admiration society going. Is there more to the story?         Matt gushes         EmmaTech returns the favor, several times actually
No, actually he/she (both a husband and wife use the account) left a couple for me (and I think for MD too) due to a number of questions I was answering for her.  That was right when the feedback started, first couple of days.  I was in a strange mood that day, thats for sure.  I think the husband uses it more, but the wife does once in a while. I think Emma is actually one of their daughters names too, thats the odd thing
Thats a fun one, both are logged in at different locations with the same name, talking to each other. Thats when I finally figured out what the deal with ET was, I never seemed to be able to figure her/him out. She must have read my jeopardy post ( ) too

if you're bored/up to it, i'd love to see what people can find out about me digging on google/EE .. probably most of my life story!
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services Center
Top Expert 2004
Hey Matt!  Major congratulations your way!  Wonderful job!

even worse Justin - Matt could be a tax lawyer.

Some nice detective work Brad....maybe Matt is holding out on us here..... :)

It's quite scary what a google search can turn up, after a few beers one night, you bash out a few words and suddenly they enscribed forever more. God knows what the great-great-great-grandchilden will think.
Tax lawyer - yow! yeah right
We've got someone in the legal field here now.  Hey Joanne! Thanks! I've actually seen lots of advertising recently with your company's name on it--strange that I had never seen it before.  Maybe it just never stuck out before.

Actually I've asked to have two things removed in the past due to that sort of situation, Dave.  Times when I've signed a post with my first and last name in succession.  Thats easily google'able, and with that information people will more easily trace me to mvidas. I'd rather have people work if they want to find stuff out about me :P

And in that light, I'm going to have to make sure not to post here in a couple of hours.  Wouldn't want to have to email Brad asking him to use his PE ability to remove something :)

Have a good night, and probably weekend, everyone! Thanks again!
byundtMechanical Engineer
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Top Expert 2013


We do have a real lawyer who is handy at Excel hanging in there at position 12 in the Excel Hall of Fame. And Larry is a nice person with high ethics.

For counterpoint, see the PhD in law (see his user profile) asking how to crack a pdf file's protections about saving or printing 
FYI Matt - I'm googling you right now. I'm expecting to find a dodgy UEFA team at the very least.......any other skeletons?

Joking aside, I've cut back my net profile info as even though I don't have any specific reason to want anonymity I don't like the idea of someone being able to garner my information

I'm not so fussed about my comments at EE. I'm guilty of quite a few typos  -  as Justin can testify:)  , and the odd terse post, but the only thing that bugs me about my time here are the poor answers I've given. I'd like to cull a few of those. Is there a process for this Brad or is there still quite a strong opinion against any editing?

But when I look back at some of my newsgroup postings from my early days online,  I spent too much time  pushing peoples buttons or "taking the piss" to use the Australian vernacular. I wince now at some of those posts.
Feel free to google me all you want. based on my name alone you'll probably only find two entries--one of some military guy in PA (who i randomly emailed a couple months ago after googling myself and discovering someone with the same name), and a story about a friend of mine with Lieukemia (who hasnt gone into remission yet, but is doing 1000x better--wonder if the $3000 i raised him helped?).  Having a uncommon name makes googling that much easier :)  There was some romanian guy in the early 1900s that died in the US that had my name too.  
Want a project? Figure out my heritage. It's out there!

And is that what "take the piss" means in australian? I've seen you use it before and have wondered what it meant.  Apparently i love to take the piss! heh

Go land pirates! Boo metrosexuals! Its getting late here, I should probably get out there if I'm gonna go, I need to spend this EE Wizard $1000 bonus somewhere!

byundtMechanical Engineer
Most Valuable Expert 2013
Top Expert 2013


Netminder asked the Page Editors to refrain from editing a PAQ.

"During the course of the conversation, the subject of editing closed questions came up. Of the 986K PAQs, only about ten per cent are actually indexed by Google -- a situation which EE is taking steps to remedy. However, from what I gather, when we edit a PAQ, that "unindexes" the question from the Google database. That's NOT a good thing."
Matt, is a metrosexual like a bisexual in an array? Or in a major city?

Thanks for the heads up on the editing Brad, that is an interesting comment on the google indexing. Although I figure if EE edits the insults and profanities there should also be some quality control on the threads that are hit most often

Matt, I think I'll let the google search go sounds like too much hard work :)

"Take the piss" is a little hard to define succintly. It can mean leading someone on with a made up story, laugh at/with someone over something thats happened, they have said  or that they think, pretend to be serious when you actually are having a lend of someone

I had a quick look at the net for defintions and it looks like we flogged it from our Pommy (English) ancestors. The irony being that the English are probably an Australian's favourite target for taking the piss. All in jest of course
"To ridicule, to tease, to make fun off. Cf. 'extract the urine'. "

That sounds a little harsher then my takeit but so be it

Cmon the metros. :)
Land Pirates ?

Thanks again, everyone!

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