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How to suppress some initial words in sql server 2000 error messages.

When a request passed to sql server is invalid the error message is usually like this.

[Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][Sqlerror]violation of unique key constraint 'ix_tablex'. Cannot insert duplicate key
in object 'tablex'.
[Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][Sql Server]The statement has been terminated.

Is it possible to remove or suppress the odbc prefix line. I mean, I want to see the abobe error message like this:

"Violation of unique key constraint 'ix_tablex'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'tablex'."

Please note that I want to suppres the odbc prefix whether request is passed to sql server from enterprise manager or
query analyzer or from any front end.

3 Solutions
As i know it is possible to process at client application only.
for example for VB
'err.Description - description of error like [Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][Sqlerror]violation of unique key
'constraint 'ix_tablex'. Cannot insert duplicate key
'Here you may cut [Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][Sqlerror]
'and output error by msgbox
MateenAuthor Commented:
Ok Olegp. In fact I need this in client application mainly.

Unfortunately my front end is powerbuilder and I don't know how to suppress there.

In powerbuilder their might be REPLACE() fucntion. Simply get the error and use REPLACE() function like

myErrorString = REPLACE(strErr, '[Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][Sqlerror]', '')

its not the exact syntax for PowerBuilder, it just an idea.

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seems to me like you need to spend a little more time working in Powerbuilder - you really shouldn't be reporting this sort of error message to your users.

Anyone who is not familiar with RDBMS is not going to know what a 'unique key constraint' or similar is, and most are unlikely to be familiar with your table structure, so an error along the lines of ...

'violation of unique key constraint 'ix_tablex'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'tablex'.'

is not going to tell them very much. You should really be testing for these errors in the front end and generating a message along the lines of...

'No customer exisits with ID xxxxx. Please check your customer ID and try again.'


MateenAuthor Commented:
Hi everybody

I guess I have got what I should do. Imrancs, u have given me the clue.
I guess, the right event in pb7 is the dberror event where sqlerrtext and sqldbcode is built in.

So far I have experimented

string ls_msg
window lw_parent

lw_parent = parent


choose case sqldbcode

      CASE -193
                ls_msg = "Duplicate Recored/Row  "+ string(row)
      CASE -195
      ls_msg = "Please provide values for all required fields"
      case 1031
      ls_msg = "You are not authorized to perform the requested action"

              case else
               ls_msg = &
      "Error Details~n" &
      + "Error Occurred: " + string(today(),"dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm am/pm") + "~n" &
      + "Error Number:" + string(error.number) + "~n" &
      + "Error Message: " + error.text + "~n" &
      + "Details: ~n" &
      + "   Window Menu: " + error.WindowMenu + "~n" &
      + "   Object: " + error.Object + "~n" &
      + "   Event: " + error.ObjectEvent + "~n" &
      + "   Line: " + String(error.line) &
      + "~n~n" + "Do you wish to stop the DATABASE?"
            ls_msg = "Error in row " + string(row) + "~n~r"
            ls_msg = ls_msg + "Database vendor error code - " + string(sqldbcode) + "~n~r"
            ls_msg = ls_msg + sqlerrtext
end choose

Messagebox(lw_parent.title, ls_msg, exclamation!)

// Scroll to the row in error

// Set the return value to 1 which supressess PowerBuilder's build in message
return 1

Imrancs, as u suggested I am considering using pos and mid.
position_of_unwanted_words=pos(sqlerrtext,"[SQL SERVER]")

MateenAuthor Commented:
Hi solution46:
I agree with u.
In many cases you can change the body of the text eg:


[Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][Sqlerror]violation of unique key constraint 'ix_tablex'. Cannot insert duplicate key
in object 'tablex'

to :
[Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][Sqlerror]Duplicates arent alowed in tablex

but  the
[Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][Sqlerror]  but is un-suppressable in SQL so as all have suggested you would need to do this in the frontent.
Glad to hear it, Mateen :)

Unfortunately I know precisely nothing about Powerbuilder - I would try asking how to go about doing this in the Powerbuilder forum (it's under Programming \ Languages).

Regards, and good luck,

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