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Hi there,

Right now I have a Server running Windows 2003 server as a Domain Controller serving as File server, Proxy/Firewall server, Mail Server(Exchange 2003 server), and some other 16 bit, 32/64 bit accounting applications.

Now We are purchasing a new IBM server which is going to come with LINUX preinstalled.

Now I want to know that Does LINUX has something called Domain in its own.Basically I want the following goals to achive:

Linux server working as a central repositry of all the resources lice Active directory in windows.
Windows 98, 2000 and Xp clients should join linux network such that when user wants to login to the clien it can use the LINUX users to login.
I do not want my users to login with local username and password and provide the samba username and password in order to access the network resources.
As my users are not fixed to a particular machine so i want them to login to any machine through out the network.

Rest I can configure my Linux server for SAMBA, SENDMAIL, SQUID, DNS etc.

But I want a PLAN OF ACTION .

2 Solutions
I sugget you familiarise yourself with LDAP http://www.openldap.org/ It the directory structure Active Directory users and can be used be SAMBA PAM (for standard linux logons) and all mannor of other things as diverse as mozilla preferences to DNS zone files.
I konw that the latest version of Samba 3 support being set up as domain controller and activie directory host (though as Im no longer a windows user I havent tried this funtionality out).
I suggest you look into roaming profiles for the users, this can be actioned from group policy on the windows server the profiles can live on any network share.
You might need to upload existing users profiles to do this log on as administrator on the computer right click on my computer hit properties \ advanced setting\ user profiles\ select the user profile and hit copy to. Choose the network share \\server\share\username and slect that user to be able to access the profile.

Hope that helps
I would also suggest you do a search on Samba as Domain Controller. I know there are some good tutorials and examples out there on how to setup Linux/Samba as a PDC. I have done it for my home network. It was tricky, but it works. Also the Using Samba book from O'reilly is a good resource as well.
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