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i am a java programmer,when develop the java winform,i can select different styles by modifying the "lookandfeel" attribute,but i found the c# language don't provide such function,all the applications written by c# have the same window style,but real world application,such as officexp and office2003,have the different appearance,why?how can i choose the winForm appearance of my app by using c#?

thank you!!
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you need to write a manifest file ...
google or thecodeproject should be enough to help you ...

the word you're looking for is "manifest"
zbcongAuthor Commented:
let me try
zbcongAuthor Commented:
i have tried them and also found a msdn link as following:

both of them works well,but if i put a "richtextbox" control to the win form,it don't work,that means it can't change the appearance,why? from the msdn article i have mentioned,the "RichTextBox" should have a different look(v5 and v6 of comctl32.dll).
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