clean up site! how to get rid of stray files?

Hi, I need to get my site online today, but before i do i would like to clean up all of the stray files that have accumulated.

i've imported my layout and many additional images from fireworks, and over the course of making the site i've shifted things around and deleted things from my pages. I'd like to get rid of the extra image files which are not linked to the site because i'm certain they will take up a considerable amount of space.

I began going through the images and deleting the ones that did NOT say "this linked to ...such and such pages..." however, this is tiresome, tedious and timeconsuming. Plus, it leaves a large error margin of human mistake where i might accidentally hit the delete button on one of the files that is linked...

i believe i came across information on a feature of dreamweaver's that could do this automatically in one hit of the button, once upon a time in my websurfing, but i tried searching again and couldn't find anything about it. i've also done a quick scan of the dreamweaver menus, and could also not find anything (there's something for "clean up html" but i'm not sure what that does...)

does anyone have advice? i'd like to start uploading the site within the next few hours, hence the points!

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rockmansatticConnect With a Mentor Commented:
CANCEL last post

edit>>Preferences>>Site>>Check Prompt on put/check in

now when you put a html doc, it should ask you if you want to include depentant files.
select yes

well, clean up html does only that for each page (source code)

I know of no actual way of doing that, but I do have one suggestion.

I would make sure in your preferences that you select 'upload dependent files'
so when you upload ,say your index.html, it will load all the dependant files that are required to run that page successfully.  I would do that for each page, and that should result in a much better performance than deleting the ones you dont THINK you need.

also, I suggest keeping most of the files that your created the site with on your local drive, JUST IN CASE you need them later. Unless, of course they are completly non related.

hope this helps

MMsabryAuthor Commented:
thanks for the advice...
Where exactly do i have to go to select "upload dependent files"?
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MMsabryAuthor Commented:
i've checked in the preferences, and tried checking other menus...cannot seem to find...?
Sorry , I have dont some research since my post and found that there is no longer a EASY way of reseting the default settings.

with DWMX you must change the registry
Previous versions had a check box.

ill look into it further

MMsabryAuthor Commented:
hmmm... would seem to be the right thing to work!

unfortunately, i already hat that checked, and for some reason it does not ask me for the dependent files i just starts putting!

does that mean that the files its putting are automatically the dependent ones? or have i missed a step somewhere that could help bring up the dialog box to ask me for dep. files?
Dont know bout that, but I would uncheck those.shutdown DW and reopen it then change them back.

DW does a good job of keeping notes on your activity so that it speeds up the process toand from the server.

I am assuming that if you uncheck them, then recheck them, it will sort of reset the preference that we are after (the indepentd file setting)
this did work for me on my DWMX, so we just have to recreate it on your machine.

Good luck.

MMsabryAuthor Commented:
thanks for your helpful suggestions,

i don't know why, but i've tried starting and restarting now, and checking and unchecking - but still no dialog box for dependent. i'm not sure...maybe i put some files before i read ur post and already said "yes" for the dependent files, if i did that, might that explain why its not showing now? it seems rather odd...
yes, it does , But I would maby uncheck the box, then put a couple of files, close DW,
open DW, recheck the box and put a file, possibly that may kick it into gear.  ???

Good Luck
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