HOW DO ADD Menu Item to the MDI Form in RUN TIME


I have a Mdiform, and one of the Menu called Windows.

So, when I ever I open a open a form, I would like to add that form to the Windows menu -, user can change window...just like in ms products

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redfordbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You dont have to add it to the menu with an MDI menu.
In the Menu Editor, Create a menu item as such ...
Caption = Window
Name   = mnuWindow

Then tick the WindowList checkbox (its the checkbox on the right under the NegotiatePosition combobox. Now when ever a child form in visible in the mdi form, it will be added to this menu item.
neonlightsAuthor Commented:
Okay....Cool, Very cool,

I have a question for you..... one tiny bit of problem. on my mdiform load, I am loading a form with a clock. But, I do not want that item to be on the window...Is there any way to do it?

Thank you very much
neonlightsAuthor Commented:
What I am wondering do I have a option in not showing certain forms in that window?

Thank you .. and how that name work?

is it the form name? or the form caption?

and also when I loaded my mdiform, under window, I have check mark and "1"... what is that? is it one of my form loaded? I do not recall any of my form name with "1"

Thank you again.
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The check mark shows the form that currently has focus.
The "1" shows that that is the topmost form ie, form 1 will show above form 2 if they overlap.
neonlightsAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for your response, but, I still like to know if you I have the control of not showing forms on on that window menu.... PLEASE.... Beause, I do not want to show the forms that I am running on the back ground.,...if you know what I mean?

Thanks very much...
No, all the child forms that are currenlty visible will be there. Why would you want only the active form to be in the list ?
neonlightsAuthor Commented:
ok, someone asked the same question and you really can not do it, but, someone gave his coding is working...but, it is keep putting them on the same line....on under mnutest....Would you like to check it out?


this is the question and I tried...but....

this what I have:

mnutest   form1  form2

Not under it.

neonlightsAuthor Commented:
Hi, I am sorry did not get back to you sooner. Thank for your help, really appreciated.

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