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My project team is currently working on converting a web application from ASP to ASP.NET.  I am working on creating a data grid that shows a reports subject, start time, ID Number etc.  In a field that shows estimated start time I need a particular data format and in two time zones with a line return.  So far all I have is {0:dd MMM}

September 10, 2004  9:25AM

10 Sep    0925
10 Sep    1425
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Expression       Description
{0:C}             Formats the data as a default currency item (ie, $39.95)
{0:D3}             Formats the data as a zero-padded four-character wide number (ie, 0023)
{0:N2}%       Formats the data as a two decimal place number followed by a '%' symbol (ie, 59%)
{0:0.0}       Formats the data as a number, rounding to one decimal place (ie, 36.5)
{0:D}             Formats the data as a long date string (ie, "Thursday, December 25, 2003"; see the following figure)
{0:dd-MM-yy}       Formats the data as a dd-MM-yy date (ie, "20/05/04")
uncommonXAuthor Commented:
I know of those expressions but those are only a few of the actual expressions that I need
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the closest one is Fri, 10 Sep 2004 13:34:38 GMT

Response.Write(dt.ToString("R") + "<BR>")
here is a function that will do that for you:

 Public Function FormatMyDate(ByVal dt As Date) As String
        Dim myDate As String
        myDate = dt.ToString("R")
        myDate = Trim(Right(myDate, myDate.Length - 4))
        myDate = Trim(Left(myDate, myDate.Length - 7))
        myDate = Replace(myDate, ":", "")
        FormatMyDate = myDate
    End Function
uncommonXAuthor Commented:
Thanks AerosSaga, the links you gave me got me the correct information:
{0:dd MMM HHmm}C <br> {0:dd MMM HHmm}Z

The time zone stuff will be a function utilizing the ToLocalTime function built into VB
glad I could be of some assistance;)
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