Moving PDC and Exchange to a new server.

Posted on 2004-09-10
Last Modified: 2010-04-13
Alright, thanks HarleyJD...

That gives me a good list of steps that I need to accomplish...

1. Install new server.
----- Done.

2. Promote new server to a DC.
----- I am familiar with how to do this.

3. Transfer FSMO Roles to new server.
----- The only way I've even done this is just by demoting the current pdc at which point it automatically pushes all of it's roles to another dc. But it's looking like your process has me waiting until after the Exchange migration to demote the original server. Any good links for moving roles manually?

4. Enabled new server to be a global catalog.
----- I've done this once before, I think I can figure it out. Only question on it is how long should I wait after moving the roles and making the new server a GC for all of the information to propogate before I move on with the steps. An hour? Reboot?

5. Install Exchange on new server.
----- Is there anything special I should look out for or do during the installation of a second Exchange 2003 server?

6. Add replicas for all of the public folders.
----- Looks like there's a how to on this one in the second link you gave above. I think I understand.

7. Move all mail objects over to the new server.
----- All mail objects? Do you mean the mailboxes, or is there more to deal with? Your first link about describes how to move mailboxes but not anything else. Just making sure I dont miss anything important here.

8. Check to make sure that the Public Folders have replicated to the new server.
----- Found the process for this in your second link above. Thank you.

9. Uninstall Exchange from old server and have a bad day.
----- lol... Can you help me out a little more with this one? What is going to be the problem if I uninstall Exchange from the old server without waiting a week? Any way of preventing the bad day?

10. Demote old server.
----- You do this with dcpromo correct? I believe I can handle this one.

Thanks for the quick response and your additional help in advance. =)

-PC Smith
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3.;en-us;255690&Product=win2000  or;en-us;255504&Product=win2000

4.  If both servers are in the same site, it shouldn't take more than an hour or two for all the information to transfer, and chances are it'll be even faster than that.  If you want to be extra cautious, then just give it overnight and you'll be fine.

5.  You don't need to do forestprep and domainprep because you already did those once, so skip those steps.  Just make sure you join the new server to the same Exchange org and everything else.

7.  Mail objects meaning not only mail enabled users, but also if you have any public folders, shared calendars, etc etc...

9.  It's ALWAYS a bad day when you uninstall Exchange..  But what he was referring to was if you wait a week, the old server will redirect the clients to the new server where their mailbox has been relocated to.  If you just down the old box immediately, then you'll have to run around and visit all the client machines and change their outlook profiles to go and look for the mailbox on the new server...

10.  Yes, DCPROMO is what you would use to do this.

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7. I also mean to check your distribution groups. By default they are set to expand in any server. What that means is that when a message comes in for a group, any available server will use it processing power to expand the list and send it to the individual users. This is good. This is what we want.

However. If someone has been mucking with the dist groups they may be set to expand on the old server, and if the old server is not there, you dunno what's gonna happen. In the bad old days of EX5.5 things went belly up. I haven't fallen for this one since, as Ex2k/2k3 are a bit more robust, and they default to any server, but it's all worth checking...

9. Be wary also of users who use the autocomplete feature for email addresses. The autocomplete will cache the server and username, so that when the user attempts to send a message they get bounced. I'm not sure there's a workaround for it, as I've always just walked around with a cricket bat and told people to choose from the gal, or type the full name. Baseball bats are good, if you're that way inclined. There's also the issue of "open other users folder" - the shortcuts again cache the server info, and don't get redirected. Users need to be told not to use these, but to create a new link. All that said - it may not be an issue if the old server is up still, but it's just another thing to go bad.

Other than that, exx has answered the rest.

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Ooooh...  Good catch on the expansion server on the DLs...  I remember when we had 5.5 and I had to go beat a jr admin with a whiffle ball bat because of that very same thing...  @#%^!#$!#T$$ !R!$%!$

No need to ever adjust the expansion server, except in EXTREMELY large and busy environments..

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3. There is no PDC in W2k/W2k3. There is a PDC emulator, but that's only used for NT4 (3.X?) clients. It's either a DC or it's nothing. Those FSMO roles are the important babies now. Take care of them...

4. You will need to reboot the new DC after enabling it as a Global Catalog. Make it a GC, reboot, then move the roles, then get a cuppa or go home. It's not a big deal either way.

5. Don't screw it up. :) It's fairly straight forward. You should be right...
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Were you that Junior, exx?

I know I was... :D

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Fortunately, I never was that Junior..  I was lucky enough to get formal training on 5.5 at a CTEC, and the instructor pretty much beat it into us to never change that or we'd be sorry down the road...   I found out why we'd be sorry, and thankfully, it wasn't me who had done it..    :)


Author Comment

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You guys are truly awesome.

Thank you both for helping me out. I can now go into this with some idea of what I'm doing.

-PC Smith

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