What ports need to be open to allow VPN pass through on a SOHO3 Sonicwall?

I would like to use Windows 2000 server VPN capabilities instead of using the VPN clint for Sonic Wall.  I have a SOHO3 Sonic Wall and I would like to know what ports need to be opened on the firewall to allow for the Windows 2000 Server VPN functionality to work?

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Yan_westConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open port 1723, 1723 is used for authentication in IPSec schemes (VPN). If you need to run a VPN on your windows 2000 Server, you need to open TCP 1723.

Btw, This is less secure then using the VPN Capabilities of the firewall.. The less port you'll open on your external interface, the more secure.
You also need to open port 47.. in any case, awnser is here

proximalsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks but, they mention "But PPTP uses IP protocol 47. THIS IS NOT TCP/UDP!! Therefore regular NAT port forwarding does not work on port 47"  So this is not "Port 47" but Protocol 47.  Do you know if you can confi a Sonicwall firewall to allow passthrough of "Protocol 47"?
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