Do Windows 98 clients work with Windows 2003 SBS server?

Do Windows 98 clients work with Windows 2003 SBS server?


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sloopethConnect With a Mentor Commented:
along with dsclient (which helps the 98 machine find the domain server to enable it to logon) there is an important security setting to change on the server this is from myself and ee user solutionsix

from the horses mouth at a microsoft seminar

'goto the Windows 2003 Server Local Security Settings, Local Policies, Security Options and DISABLE the Policy that says Domain member/Domain Server: digitally encrypt or sign secure channel data'

this very slightly reduces network security but helps the 98 machines negotiate file access (file shares etc) otherwise you may find they suffer from very slow network access
crissandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, why not. Just install on every station directory service client for Windows 98, I think it's on 2003 sbs cdrom named dsclient.exe
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