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I have an excel speadsheet with 4 colums.  First is sales price and the other three are fees.  I have created an interactive CD that runs locally on the clients machine however I would like to create a look up that the client can enter a sales price and have the three amounts returned.  Is this possible in Flash and if so....HOW?

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hmmm .... I'll try by tomorrow email me at aramys(AT)gmail(DOT)com
Sure ... but you'd have to place those numbers in an array in flash then loop through the array and return the values if the value they entered is valid ... A better way would simply be to just perform the calculations in flash if such a relationship between the numbers exists (i.e. column 3 = column 2 + column 1).
liv4funAuthor Commented:
I am a total newbie here!  What do you mean loop them through an array?  There is no relationship between the numbers.

Something like this is what I want.  The client enters the sales price and the Title Fee and the Escrow Fee are automatically filled in off of the table.
        Sale price                                    Title Fee                 Escrow Fee
      $268,000.00                                  $ 1,365.00                $ 525.00


price                                      title                                     escrow
0-100,000                             $1,000                                  $ 450
101,000 - 200,000                 $1,230                                  $ 500
201,000 - 300,000                 $1,365                                  $ 525
301,000 - 400,000                 $1,434                                  $ 612
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Ah ok ... if that is the whole table then the answer is easier don't worry about an array create 4 textboxes 1 input 3 dynamic in flash.  Create a button and label it say "Calculate".  Name the textboxes accordingly where it says "var" in the properties panel in Flash.  
Name the "var" field on the input Price box "price"
Name the "var" field on the dynamic Title Fee box "fee"
Name the "var field on the dynamic Escrow Fee box "escrow"
Name the "var" field on the dynamic Error box "error"

Drag a button from the UI dropdown in the components list (or create one from scratch if you know how) rename it in the parameters tab of the properties panel and in the actions panel for the calculate button copy and paste this code:

on(release) {
      if (_root.price > 0 && _root.price <= 100000) {
      _root.fee = "$1,000"
      _root.escrow = "$450"
      }else if(_root.price > 100000 && _root.price <= 200000) {
      _root.fee = "$1,230"
      _root.escrow = "$500"
      }else if(_root.price > 200000 && _root.price <= 300000) {
      _root.fee = "$1,365"
      _root.escrow = "$525"
      }else if(_root.price > 300000 && _root.price <= 400000) {
      _root.fee = "$1,434"
      _root.escrow = "$612"
        _root.error = "Please enter a value greater than 0 and less than 400,000";
liv4funAuthor Commented:
Oh that makes perfect sense...

Quick question though.  Is there a way to export those values in?  My list is about 300 entries long.
AH that's the catch ... well using this method for that many records you'd be better off using XML and looping through the records
liv4funAuthor Commented:
Okay then how is that done???
I believe there's a "save as" option in excel where you can export or save as xml. As far as actually reading the file, you'll have to do something similar to this question:

Have fun!
I discovered a Macro that can export XML from Excel.

Its a great macro and gives perfect XML output from use in Flash.

Here is the link:

[You will have to be a registered user to DOWNLOAD the code files.]

I still have one question:

Is the excel file is going to be EDITABLE by the end user? If so, then the user will have to genereate the XML everytime they change the data in the excel.

If the excel is not oging to be editable then you only ned to give the XML file along with the CDROM.

If you have any doubts about how to use this generated XML fo create your Flash file then please feel free to ask.

note: There is no way you can directly read Excel data into Flash if this is going to be a CDROM based project. If you have a web based project, then you can use server side scripts to convert EXCEL to XML on the fly.
liv4funAuthor Commented:
I have no idea how to use the generator.  And no the data is not editable.  I think I am in over my head on this one.  When it comes to graffics and things like that I can kick ass but this one I am just in too deep.  If you know how to do this I would gladly pay you to whip out just a little search thing in Flash that searches the XML.  I can send you the database.
sure I'll whip it out ... when do you need it by?
liv4funAuthor Commented:
Don't laugh too hard but tomorrow or at the latest Wednesday morning!

Where should I send you the Excel file and A basic layout of what I want?
liv4funAuthor Commented:
The files are on the way!  my email is
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