Create view of Inbox in Lotus Notes

When I create a view, it has "all documents".  I only want the documents that are stored in my Inbox.  Miscellaneous Info: Notes Client v5.0.12
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Inbox is a special folder available in mailbox... you can create in any other database but doesn't have any purpose unless it is a mail database.

SO what are you exactly trying to do ?

If you goto  folders section of the mail db design , you can find ($Inbox) folder. This is a special folder !

If you are looking for to get back inbox view in the mail db which is lost.. just replace design with the mail template on the server.

Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
"Inbox" is a folder as opposed to "AllDocuments" which is a view, the difference being that a NotesView is a filter (documents show in if they satisfy a given condition) while a NotesFolder is a set (documents show in if you put them in).

If you want another inbox in your mailbox, you should copy / paste / edit the ($Inbox) folder and finally add a LotusScript button to refresh its contents based on the Inbox contents.
It is not clear what you are actually trying to do. The two comments above have already mentioned various facts. Unless and untill you clarify the matter not much beyond that can be said. If you have lost your Inbox, you can apply Hemanthas suggestion. Having an extra Inbox can be achieved as suggested by RAPUTA.

If you are trying to backup your emails and for thatyou are looking forward to create a database, you may better use the Archive feature of Notes. It creates an archived copy of your mail file and keeps moving your mails based on criteria you specify.

If you are tyring to create a databse and want to simulate a view that is like Inbox, you may include documents based on "Memo", "Reply", "Reply with History" etc.

A shortcut would be to create a view with this selection formula - SELECT $MessageType=""

This is valid upto 5.0.8 Later versions I am not sure about.

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MitchellSTLAuthor Commented:
My goal is to have an additional column (for the return receipt indicator) on my inbox.  I cannot alter the inbox design (doesn't allow me to do it).  So I thought creating a view would allow me to do this.  What I got when I created the new view was all documents.  What I want is an exact replica of the inbox, but I want the ability to add columns & customize the look of the view...  does that help?
Inbox is not a view.. it is a folder. Hope you follow the difference of view and a folder.

To add the column to inbox folder, do it on template. As this will erase any changes done to the mail db during design refresh
You can open the mail template in designer. Open the ($Inbox) folder and add a column as you would normally add to a view. Designing method-wise there isn't much of diff bw a folder and a view. A view generally has a selection criteria while a folder doesn't. A view, under  default settings is eligible to show all documents, a folder doesn't untill a document has been moved to it. So go ahead and add a column as you do to a view. You can find the ($Inbox) folder under folders.
MitchellSTLAuthor Commented:
RanjeetRain - I don't have access to Designer.  All I have is the Lotus Notes Client.  Also, the $MessageType did not work (or at least not in my version).

HemanthaKumar - I understand that there is a difference.  That is why I'm trying to create a new view with a filter so I can exclude other documents.  Only want the documents that are in the inbox folder...I'm just not sure if I can do it.
no you can't

Secondly you have to have designer to modify any part of the design

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with no Designer at your disposal (and I am not sure about your access level either), you have a tough job ahead. May be you would rather give up on this idea and think of some alternative.
First check whether you have Designer rights to the database. File->database->Accesscontrol.

If you have designer access, then download desginer from (downloads section)

MitchellSTLAuthor Commented:
I have manager access..  I will try to get designer from  Will let you know in a day or so (they are upgrading my client tomorrow to 6.5)...  thanks again
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