Disable CTRL+ESC in linux

hi linux experts, l'm using redhat linux 9.0 and 6.x , how can i disable CTRL+ ESC in GNOME ,KDE ? Can I write shell script for the tasks above and put it on startup?
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owensleftfootConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could write a script to do this. It would be relatively easy to do if you had knowledge of the gnome & kde configuration files. Unfortunately I dont :) Whats wrong with using the gui to change these settings?
Have a look http://www.gnome.org/learn/users-guide/2.0/ch09s05.html for gnome.
To disable the shortcut keys for an action, double-click on the action, then press Back Space . Being the gist of it.

For kde try running khotkeys.
nhancu79Author Commented:
Can you write shell script for the tasks?, or is there any program act like that ?
nhancu79Author Commented:
Thank you! Could you reply more clearly? This may be help me
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