Netgear ADSL Wireless router, NAT and proxy?

Posted on 2004-09-10
Last Modified: 2013-12-14

I have been doing some research on various proxies, and I have finally found one that is very simple to use and seems to be reliable.

Now I'm stock on the next step. I feel that having a proxy is pretty much useless you can ensure that users will not simply change their connections settings in IE from using a proxy to the IP of the ADSL Router.

I contacted one of the companies that sell a proxy and they told me to disable the NAT on my ADSL Router, but when I do this it gives me a message saying that my ADSL router will only act as a router? Also, it no longer allows me to access anything on the internet.

Is there a way to ensure that users can not use the IP of the ADSL router and are force to go the the proxy address only, not via IE settings and policies, but through networking?

There has to be a way to do what I'm explaining here as I just think this would be too open if users knew the IP of the ADSL Router.

Any suggestions?

Thanks all.

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Are you running all this in a Windows Domain?  You can lock out your users from changing virutally anything with Group Policy, if you are running a Windows 2K+ Domain Controller...

Additionally, if you are running XP/2K you can always set the Local Security Policy...


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Thanks for feedback, but I really would like to try this a different way. I'm not pushed by the idea of using policies whether server based or local.

I'd like to find out why as well, it is compulsory for my ADSL router to have to use NAT or none can access the internet.

I am setting this up on my own machine at home which is running on Win200 Advanced Server with latest service pack and clients are xp, but the place I want to set this up anyway runs NT4 Server and a mix of clients i.e. XP, Win98, etc... They will upgrade their server to a new one running 2003 in the next 2 months or so, but in the mean time I'd like to find a solution.

I saw maybe what could be my solution, but I'm not sure. By disabling the NAT on the router, does anyone know whether or not I am still allowed to access the internet but it simply can translate the address? I suppose I could ping to find out. Anyway, in win2000 server there is an option to create a NAT, but I'm not sure on how to do this and whether or not it would be worth doing.

I thought that maybe by setting up a NAT on the NT Server, that I would then somehow redirect this to the ADSL router thus forcing the users to go through the proxy as going through the adsl router would not work.

Does anyone know if this is possible and how I could do this.




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Well, I see the issue, as it is difficult to use policies to stop pre-W2K users from changing settings.  

If you disable NAT on the router, then you won't have a routing table that reflects where the packets are heading..  If you are using private and public addresses, then you have to have NAT enabled.

You can setup NAT on your server, but you will need 2 NICs.  I suppose you could use ICS on it, but I don't recommend that.  Rather, RRAS is the way to go.  In other words, subnet the internal LAN on one NIC, and make all requests go through the RRAS server.   Now, I believe (it has been a while) that NT4 only comes with RAS, with does not have the advanced features of RRAS (W2K+).

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