Windows 2000.. ,warning message after booting

I installed 2000 recently on my system.All drivers were installed successfully from OS itself  except modem driver.My modem  is  HM2868( PC TEL )make ( internal modem) , this driver is available in OS and it got  installed, but gave erratic messages stating that 'the driver is not suitable for win 2000'.When the modem driver was installed from the CD(Modem driver) it got installed successfully and is working fine.But whenever system is booted it throws a message that
' load=load=load=  remove from the registry entry.. '
If  that message is ignored system is working perfectly alright.
Iam not able to understand what is the meaning of that message.To stop this message what shoul di do?
 any Suggestion is highly appreciated
Thanks in advance to Gurus.
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Try checking:


It might be under there if it comes up on reboot..check for any entries that match that =load...

you can check the registry by going to Start --> Run --> regedit

Also, you might want to do a search for =load in the registry and see if anything comes up...that is kind of weird....maybe also try re-installing the software.

Also, check Start --> Programs --> startup and make sure you need everything in there as one of those may be causing it.

What is the exact message?
srini123Author Commented:
Exact  message is

 cannot find the file 'load=load=load=load='( or one of its components),make sure the path or file name are correct and that all required libraries are available.

it asks  to press ok
after pressing ok
again one more message which says

could not load or run 'load=load=load=load=' specified in the registry ,make sure the file exists on your computer and remove the reference to it in the registry.
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first of all uninstall the modem driver and any other software which are installed along with it and see if the message has gone. if it goes away then to reinstall it preferabelly download the latest driver from the internet.

to see what softwares are trying to load when window start go to programs--accessories then system tools and run system information, in software environment find startup in the right pane it shows you the exact file which needs to run and their respective registry entry. try to locate the file or restrore it else remove the registry entry.

Yes Fumar has it right, uninstall and remove modem. See if message goes away. If it does not click start>run>regedit and click OK. Click Registry>export registry file and save a backup first in case things go awry.

Now click edit find and search for just load=. IF you find this entry and you are still getting an error try deleting it. Reboot and see if the message is gone.

If not go back into regedit and go to this key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/RunXXX. There are several RUN key. Look in each one for any value that has load= in it or anything to do with PCTel or modem. Remove them all and reboot.

If the error is still there then check the start up folders for the All Users profile and the user account you use, I assume it is Administrator so the paths would be C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Starup. You can delete any thing you find here wont hurt anything.

Once the error is gone then you can reinstall the modem. Shut down the system, put modem back in and reboot. When the system restarts it would reinstall the driver.

Let that finish then you will need to install the driver on the cd that came with the modem.

To do this click start>Settings>Control Panel>System. Click the Hardware tab then click the Device Manager button. In the list of devices click the '+' sign next to Modems and then you will see the PCTel modem device or something similar. Double click this and then click the Driver tab. You will now see a button marked Update or reinstall driver. Click this and the wizard will walk you through. Choose to Search for  a driver from the CD and then put the cd in. If it does not find it right away no worries. Just click BAck and then click Browse. Search the cd for a folder that says Drivers then try it again.

Now if the error reoccurs then most likely the drivers on the cd suck. So then I would find the model of the modem, if you have the box find the website and try to download the latest drivers.

Good luck.
I think I deserve at least part of the split as I mentioned re-installing the software for the modem.  And also suggested the most likely answer which is to look in one of the two run keys that probably hold the incorrect registry entry.  Both of the other participants expanded a little on those two answers that I supplied and kidnme added some other thoughts or considerations of his own as well.
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