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Hi i have laptop, from 2 years i am just taking casually, but now i want to know what's goin on. How can i protect my PC from monitoring users. Every time i used to get some "notepad" files on my desktop after removing of it (after 2-3 weeks later) and my Home page address setting will change by thier site (site related to hackers or something like that) till now i didn;t care atall but now i am thinking i should finalise this what's goin on?

I know some party are trying to monitor onto me, how can i protect myself any tips
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dis1931Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Possibly not monitoring but spyware/adware.

Try running Ad-aware:

and Spybot:

those should be a good start I think you will find lots of your problems go away after that...then if you are still having troubles...try running hijackthis and posting the results here:

Hijackthis can be found at

ZylochConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Start with getting rid of the Spyware (if you have any)

Download Adaware 6.0 Personal ( and Spybot S&D (

Run both, delete what you find, and click Immunize on S&D

Run your antivirus and delete what you find if any.

Start->Run->sfc /scannow just for good measure

Start->Run->%TEMP% delete everything.

Also run anti-virus software if you have it installed....You may want to get a firewall as well if you don't have one...either activate the one built into XP if you have XP or get Kerio firewall or buy a hardware router/firewall.

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happyprogrammingAuthor Commented:
I have both adware and spybot and i used to run it time to time
happyprogrammingAuthor Commented:
Yha OS is XP
You've immunized your comp?

Remember, if all else fails, you can always use Mozilla Firefox as your browser ;) ActiveX doesn't bother you there.
Or if you like or are used to IE or find some pages load better in IE then you can just turn off ActiveX or change the settings to be safer and not allow ActiveX controls so easily.
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