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Cheers! I have a problem. Sometimes my monitor just turns off by itself just like it went on standby but it didnt, or even worse it restarts by itself! By method of deduction I narrowed the problem to a graphics card. My configuration is: AMD Athlon XP 2500+, MBO ASUS a7v600-x, GeForce4 FX5200(256M), WD 80GB, Samsung monitor SyncMaster 793DF, im using audio card from motherboard . I changed the FX5200 with my old Ti4200 and it worked fine, but when i returned FX5200 it started to send monitor on "standby" again and again. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes to crash and sometimes 45. It doesn't crashes in all games. It crashes mostly in FPS like battlefield but it havent crashed in age of mythology. A few times the speakers produced a scratching noise and the picture on monitor was really mixed in colors. Little squares changed colors and positions on screen like it had some serious problem with graphics? Why is this happening? I tried to change some options for VGA card in BIOS but nothing helped with FX5200 while with Ti4200 it worked fine. Why?
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x50FadeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I also recently purchased a GeforceFX 5200.

Mine also overheated and some games started to slow down tremendously while others were fine....guesse some games are more intensive than others.

I first discovred this overheating problem when I installed the utilities that came with the card, which had a hardware monitor and warning system for when the card gets too hot....In UT2004 it kept overheating (100 degrees C), but in Underground it was fine.

I fixed the problem by inserting an extractor fan underneath my card...

The reason why your card might overheat in one case and not in the other, is because not all cases (pc configurations), put out the same heat....some CPU's run coller or hotter than other, same with PSU's.

Try installing or getting some software that monitors your card to check the temp.

B.T.W. My card is Winfast VIVO 256Mb (GeforceFX 5200)
LucFConnect With a Mentor EMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi vbr777,

Looks to me like your videocard is overheating big time, see if you can create some more airflow inside your case. Also, see if the problem is less or even completely goes away if you remove the cover from your case as a test.


osr3vConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had the same issue with a video card in the past.  LucF is right on...  I solved the problem by adding a case fan and rigging it up about 6 inches from the card's chip.  How you do this depends on your case alignment and craftyness.  Good luck.
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Agree with LucE.  Your vid card is cooking.
bobo_techConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Totally off the subject of the issue of the vid card going into standby (which i agree with eveyrone else) but why would you want to downgrade to a fx5200 from a ti4200.  The ti4200 is quite a bit faster in most all benchmarks than the fx5200.  

Look here for some results:

I personally would keep the 4200 in there and return the 5200 and get something much better than the 5200.  The 5200 is a fairly low end card compared to the ti4x00 series cards.  You would be giving up some dx9 capiblities and half the ram with the 4200 but the 4200 just is quite a bit faster.  I really don't think that the ram makes up for the slow gpu of the card at all.   I benchmarked my ti4600 against my fx5600 and the ti4600 beat the snot out of the 5600 card, just as an example.
vbr777Author Commented:
So you all think its cooking in there? But why would it work fine installed on another computer with almost same case (midi tower). You see I have 2 computers and I installed fx5200 on my other computer (xp 2000+, msi kt3 ultra aru) and replaced it with ti4200 on newer configuration which i mentioned above (XP 2500+, MBO ASUS a7v600-x) and it had no problems.  Could it be that vid card and MBO are in some kind of conflict? But if that would be true then why would it work ok for some time and then suddenly crash and either restart comp or go to standby? I just cant understand how it could overheat in one case and not in another although they are similar by design. Could it be something else?
vbr777Author Commented:
Which software you used?
Winfox Pro..I think.....
Your card is overheating.  Just do like the other guys said and inprove airflow.  Something else you might want to try, if the cooling doesnt help, is to install a larger power supply.  Ive seen quite a few factory systems loaded with power supplies that werent meant to handle the amount of juice it takes to operate all that equipment at one time (video cards, dvd, cd, hard drives, larger processors, etc...).  This can usually lead to system crashes and other annoying behavior when the power supplied to the compnents isnt enough.
another problem could be that the graphics card is not correctly inserted and screwed in. check this as a dodgy connection can cause hell!
just a quickie have you tried disabling fastwrite on your bios settings i had a similar problem and the solution was to disable fast write and lower the agp settings but this i believe only served to lower the temp on the card itself and wen i installed some extractor fans on my pc i was able to boost the agp setting back up again i would reccomend using your old graphics card as bobo said there is no pint in either lowering your graphics card capability just to ge tit to run wen you have a high performance card that works perfectly
What about your monitor? Did you try with another allready?
Hi guys its still me vbr777 but on new account. Looks like the problem maybe isn't with vcard. I tried replacing it with ti4200 again but for a longer period of time and the problem occured again, only with this vcard it's not so often. I also tried with another monitor. No changes. I cooled the vcard and im sure it's not overheating because it's temperature is maybe 25-35 C. It's almost cold on touch but the problem still occurs even I changed thermal paste and removed side panel from my case. I don't know but seems I have eliminated almost every component that could cause a problem except MBO (asus a7v600-x). Is there any known problem with this specific MBO that causes sudden "standby" mode and sometimes restarting computer? Could there be something wrong with agp slot? Can I somehow test my mbo and agp slot?
I have 400W power supply so i doubt that I've got some powering problems. I don't know what else could it be.
Which driver version are you using?  Do you have any special hardware installed (i.e. 1394 cards, sata/ide raid controllers, etc.)?  Can you give a detailed description of your hardware (i.e. mainboard, vid card, memory, powersupply specs (specifically the amps on the +5, +12 rails), etc.)?

Don't wanna burst any bubbles here...but hasn't this question allready been answered?
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