Upgrading ram in 2600 router. SIMM or DRAM or both? Help please

I'm getting this error message when I turn on my router:

 "Not enough memory in the system for IO memory.
IO memory available 3601795     required   4194304"

My router has 40mb dram / 16mb flash  (did I say that correctly?)

What should I upgrade to, in order to support IOS 12.2T?

*Do I need to upgrade the DRAM or the SIMM (flash)*
Please help

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If you have 40Mb, I'd bet that you have 1x32 and 1x8M
There are two SIMM slots. You should be able to just buy one 32Mb SIMM, pull out the 8M and replace it with the new 32M
It should be just that easy.
What is the complete file name of the .bin file you are trying to use?
Which exact model of 2600?
IP Only feature set requires only 24M DRAM 7M flash
IP PLUS requires 64M DRAM 16M flash
IP FW/IDS/IPSEC Basic requires 64/16

You most likely have plenty of flash, but need to upgrade your DRAM. You can get 2x32Mb DRAM SImms from http://www.memorystock.com/cisco_2600_series_memory.htm
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
It is 12.2(2) IP PLUS
c2600-is-mz.122-2.T.bin    is the name

So all I need to do is upgrade DRAM?
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
by the way, if I upgrade DRAM, what stick should I buy?  One 32mb stick?  I have 40mb right now.
I am not sure how memory works in routers
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
Just bought 32mb of DRAM for $30 overnight shipped
Thanks lrmoore
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