Can I do dial up and use adsl modem at the same time

I have a adsl connetikon at home. I frequently use this connection for home browsing.I have aslo a dial up connetion Both have different modems . The ADSL modem is an external one Speedtouch modem .The other is an internal Agere system modem.

Can I use both dial up and isdn modem at the same time for browsing? If so how ?
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pjcrooks2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Generally no.  You have to have a single gateway.

However, if you really wanted to, you could break the entire Internet into two subnets and add static routes.

route with subnet mask through one connection (this will include through
let the rest route through the default gateway, which needs to be set to the other connection.
(make sure the statically routed "subnet" doesn't include the other public network you are on - if it does, set up another static route to exclude that network)

This won't give you any true load balancing, but it will use both connections to access the internet depending on what public IP Address you are accessing.


I don't see the reason why you cannot use it, since one connection is broadband and the other just  plain old POST but you really wouldn't see any benefit...i think
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I actually don't see the reason why you would want a dial up running on the same machine as your broadband connection!

Why would you want to do this?  
yavoozaAuthor Commented:
I want to dial up to my company network and browse the insternt on my adsl as well withough switiching connections each time.

Ahhh right wel lsee the link I posted for you, follow the links and advice I looked through it and it gives you some more advice theres no need for me to repeat it here.


It should all work with no configuration required if you are using an ADSL router, you just need to set Internet Explorer to never dial a connection to force IE to use the router, and thus your ADSL connection.

Only difference using a normal modem on an ADSL enabled line is that the normal modem will only manage speeds of about 42k due to the ADSL signal.
Thanks yavooza

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