How to determine if checkbox a checked or not

I'm extremely new to developing with LotusScript so please be as clear as possible. Thanks. Please excuse me if I use the wrong terminoligy.

What I want to do: I have created a custom form (based of the new memo form). On this form, I have a checkbox. If checked, I want specific people CC'd when the user clicks on the "Send" button. (I'm not using the "Send" button that comes with the memo form, I have created my own "Send" button).  

So, here's the scenario:
1. User opens up form, and fills out pertinent info.
2. He checks the checkbox to include specific people in the CC field when message is sent
3. User clicks on the send button

I need to know how to verify if the checkbox is checked within the code of the Send Button.

Any ideas?

This is what I have thus far for the checkbox field:
Checkbox Field name: CCMgr
For choices, I have added one one: "CC Upper Management | 1"
I have "Refresh fields on keyword change" checked
I have "Allow keyword synonums" checked.

And thats pretty much it. I have tried the following codes, but with no avail:
If .CCMgr.IsChecked = -1 Then Messagebox("checked")
If CCMgr = 1 Then Messagebox("Checked")
If CCMgr = True Then Messagebox("Checked")
If CCMgr(0) = 1 Then Messagebox("Checked")

Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.
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p_parthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
     Dim ws As New notesuiworkspace
      Set uidoc  = ws.currentdocument
      Msgbox uidoc.fieldgettext("CCMgr")

this will give the value if it is checked , if it is not then it will give null
so u can check

if uidoc.fieldgettext("CCmgr") = "" then
<do whatever u want
end if

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Hi Partha Bro, your solution is fine, but I always prefer the NotesDocument object: it reads easier, its data are converted, etc... ;)

     Dim ws As New notesuiworkspace
     Dim doc As NotesDocument
     Set doc  = ws.currentdocument.document
     Msgbox doc.CCMgr(0) ' or doc.getitemvalue("CCMgr")(0)

Working during weekend? MSN not permitted?

Sjef ;)
i am in house

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
So am I :)
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Ah, you don't consider EE "working"? I had the idea that most questions here surpass easily the questions @ work, and there are always some pinchers in the neighbourhood, so you have to be a lot quicker here! :)
You are the fastest nowadays :)

Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
"Allow keyword synonyms" must be checked if you want that the value after the pipe sign is saved to the document, but when the document is displayed, the value before the pipe is shown.

"Refresh fields on keyword change" does not affect anything here. But leave it unchecked to speed up document refresh on screen.

A checkbox is a string value, wether you use keyword synonyms on not. So saved in your field there is a "1", not just a 1.

Also remember that a field is rendered in LotusScript as an array, wether it contains one or more values. So you must use this notation to read your CCMgr field value: "notesDocument.CCMgr( 0 )". My advice is that you learn to use the regular (as opposed to short ) notation, because it is safer: "notesDocument.GetItemValue( "CCMgr" )( 0 )".

what do u mean by "because it is safer?". As far as i see, using that just maintains the case in the document properties and it's easy for another programmer to read...

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Hi Partha,

Glad you're back on track. I may be fastest, but the points are yours!

Sjef :)
Andrea ErcolinoCommented:
the regular notation is safer than the short one because works even if you put a field in a document with the same name as a LotusScript NotesDocument property, like Authors or Created, which in fact are common choices for field names.

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