Anyone aware of a service which allows one to email a file as an attachment, to some "email2FTP" server somewhere, which then FTPS the file to your specified web server? Presumably the message body would contain the FTP login details and the web server name.

I am aware of dozens of ways to GET content by email but not the other way round (PUT).
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There was a company named Reedy Creek Technologies in North Carolina that made a product that was designed to allow websites to be updated by E-Mail. It was specifically designed to do that - ran atop Solaris UNIX, as I recall. Its been years since I saw it.

OK, Google is your friend. A quick check of the website that I *think* is the same company's website ( reveals a product called Real-Time Page Management. The description is what I remember the software doing. Take a look at that. Looks like its multi-platform support nowadays. Good for them.

Its so funny to see technology come full circle like this. Internet E-Mail started as a sub-function of FTP. Many older *NIX implementations include support for that in their FTP daemons.
leemingdAuthor Commented:
It's for someone on a remote pacific island who only has an email connection (connecrtivity is very poor and VERY expensive in this part of the world). he runs a lodge and wants to update his web site. He doesn't own the web server, it is hosted by a commercial company. They aren't responsive to setting up anything like that.

So, how can he update his web site by email without requiring the hosting company to do anything?
Sorry, I am not aware of any such service, and doubt if there is one. Have you googled? I think you must have.

A better solution would be to write a script in Perl or develop a small program in something like VB that can upload the data on the webser at one go, without having to log on to the website etc etc. Such a program may be either run with a UI, such as one developed in VB or may be run by passing command line parameters, such as a Perl script.

Perl method would be easy, but more suitable for one odd transactions. A program with an UI can open a persistent connection with the webserver and do bulk updations.
Hmmmm....nothing personal here, but Ranjeet's response was "I am not aware of any such service, and doubt if there is one." whereas I described a specific software and gave a link to it.
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