arrowMC.targ = homeTextF;  <---want to find the text filehomeText = _root.newsText;    How do I find this file?

Posted on 2004-09-12
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
I am doing a bit of SWF decompiling (Using Gordon 1.4) and came across this code:

arrowMC.targ = homeTextF;
homeText = _root.newsText;

I'm trying to find the actual text that this code is referencing on the domain where the .swf is being hosted.

Is there any way, from looking at the above code, that I would be able to access the text (outside of the SWF file) that the SWF is displaying?

thanks in advance!
Question by:llpatte
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ID: 12040213
Umm, depends.. probably not though

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ID: 12042025
Is this the only code in the SWF?

There must be some more code in the SWF which will mention the text file its loading.
IN the main timeline, he is loading some text into a variable called "newsText".  THen again setting "homeText" as _root.newsText.

Another possibility is that he might be loading external SWF's. Propably if you can send the SWF or the link then we might be able to help.

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ID: 12042028
one caution: Hope what you are trying to do here is legal :)
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ID: 12050378
It's totally legal---in that I am not trying to use the code, or someone else's material to make a profit.  Basically, what it comes down to is that I'm trying to decompile SWF files to learn more about action script.

In this particular case, I'd like to see if there is a way to access the text files that are embedded in this SWF file.  The actual file is located at

There are a couple "snippets" of code that intrigue me....all related to this same concept of seeing the text that is embedded in the SWF.

Here are some of the 'snippets" of actionscript....

arrowMC.targ = homeTextF;
homeText = _root.newsText;
----snip ---------

arrowMC.targ = bioTextF;
bioText = _root.loadVarsText.bioText;
with(frame1.holder) {
      _y = _y - 27;
      _rotation = 10;

frame3.holder._rotation = -1.8;
frame2.holder._rotation = -1.8;
frame2.holder._x = frame2.holder._x + 20;

arrowMC.targ = tourTextF;
tourText = _root.loadVarsText.tourText;



Accepted Solution

ssdesign earned 75 total points
ID: 12052449
ok this was an interesting study.

Actually the swf is using Flash Communication server to fetch data from the server.

I was at a point lost in thousands of lines of code on the first frame. Probably it is the file

Finally at the bottom of the code i found this:

loadVarsText.onLoad = incriment;
    loadVarsText.load("" + rand);
    curSound = new Sound (this);
    curSound.onLoad = function () {

Here in the second line of code where the URL is written, "rand" is a random number. So I tried to trype this URL directly in my browser window:

Here i randomly took "3", and BINGO, what I got was a text file which flash can read and display as HTML text.

You can type any number at the end of the URL and fo revery number you will get a different text file from the server.

Hope this solves your puzzle.

Author Comment

ID: 12060110
wow! great find! I'll have to read up on this method!

Two follow up questions....

1) what do you use to decompile/read actionscript?  (I have a Mac and and looking for a good program---the one I have is unregistered and will only let me read "so many" lines of text)  I'm willing to pay for a good one, but haven't found one I'm totally impressed with.

2) When I try different "random" numbers, I get the same text file.  Also, I see different text files (atleast I think they are different) being accessed through the code.... I see....

homeText = _root.newsText;
bioText = _root.loadVarsText.bioText
tourText = _root.loadVarsText.tourText

Is there a way to access the "journal" text also?

Thanks in advance for your help.....and I will certainly increase the point level for this question as a result of your wonderful work :)


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ID: 12062277
Here you go:



Org Text: 
(again here the code says "rand" but any number you type you get same text)

(note: you can try different texts by changing the HTML file names liek this: "diary_track2.html" or "diary_track3.html" or "diary_track4.html" etc.)

Also I found this code starting from line 2311 to 2314:

var myURL = "";
    var diaryServicePath = "com.alicia.Diary";
    var newsServicePath = "com.alicia.News";
    var eventsServicePath = "com.alicia.Events";

Which means that my earlier assumtion that they are using Communication Server is true. This also means that the rest of the text would be extremely difficult to fetch, almost impossible.

I am using Actionscript Viewer 4.0. You can download it here,

It costs $59.95. Free trial download is available but it will have same limitations like it wont show more then 25 lines of code.

Author Comment

ID: 12150863
The program you mention, unfortunately, is only PC compatible.  Does anyone know if a good Mac SWF decompiler/ActionScript Viewer?

Points are being awarded, but I'm looking forward to any further commentary.

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