ODBC driver for Sybase ASE 12.5

hello experts,
Do you know where I can get FREE ODBC driver for Sybase.
My client machine: XP
Sybase server: ASE 12.5
By the way, I've tried DataDirect but it is already expired (not FREE :)).
I also don't have the Sybase Open Client soft with me.
P/S: anything other than the two mentioned and works good is very appreciated.
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ChrisKingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Join "My Sybase", you don't have to pay, but if your company is registered for certain products and you are registered as a contact for your company, then those products will be available to you too.

One of the download's available to everyone is the open client for windows (you should find this in the EBF area). Just download and install it.
> I also don't have the Sybase Open Client soft with me.
well you obviously have internet access, so why not download the Open Client from Sybase
dttaiAuthor Commented:
Let me try again.
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dttaiAuthor Commented:
It seemed that in order to download OpenClient, I need a paid membership w/ Sybase. I've googled for some time, do you happen to know a free download link for it?
Jan FranekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, I'm not sure, if there is really free ODBC driver for ASE 12.5.
You can download developer's version of ASE (http://www.sybase.com/ase_1252devel), it includes ODBC driver, but according to licence, it's free for development purpose only, not production.
There is JTDS ODBC driver that works for both Sybase and MSSQL.  

I have used this for both Sybase and MSSQL and it works great.  

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